Dystopian Sci-Fi Film JUNG_E Trailer On Netflix!

JUNG_E Trailer On Netflix: Netflix has now released a 2-minute trailer for JUNG E, the next movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan, following the release of an official teaser last month. Sang-JUNG E ho’s departs from the supernatural to a post-apocalyptic future where humans are compelled to dwell in man-made shelters due to rising sea levels and resource depletion, following the success of Netflix’s dark fantasy television series Hellbound.

To develop the best battle command AI ever, scientists from the allied forces led by Seohyun (Kang Soo-Yeon), the team leader of Kronoid Lab, and Sung-Hoon (Ryu Kyung-soo), the institute’s director, attempt to clone the brain of a brave soldier in the year 2194.

The experiment is thought to hold the key to winning the war, but as the trailer demonstrates, it is not without its challenges. Kim Hyun-character Joo’s Jung E, who has several clones, is seen lined up in a lab before being sent into battle against artificial dogs that have been given weapons.

The Netflix version of JUNG E will debut on January 20, 2023. Look at the trailer more closely.

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