What Has Katie Maloney Said Publicly About Her Divorce From Tom?

Katie and Tom have had significant roles on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff Vanderpump Rules since its debut season on Bravo in 2013. In season five, in 2016, they were married. They started dating in 2010.

In an interview with Us Weekly in 2020, Tom, who has made his relationship problems known throughout Vanderpump Rules’ nine seasons, admitted that he and Katie “definitely should’ve broken up” sooner but were instead too “stubborn” to do so.

Tom and Katie broke up in March 2022, even though he seemed content at the time. Please keep reading to find out more about their divorce and what led to it. Similarly, we canow spot anyone Googling Why Did Katie And Tom Split?

Why Did Katie And Tom Break Up?

Katie and Tom separated on March 15, 2022, after more than five years of marriage and twelve years of dating. “I never thought I’d have to say something like that.

However, I believe I must be open and honest with you regarding my life; Katie wrote with an Instagram slideshow of her and Tom’s photos. After 12 years of sharing a lifelong experience, Tom and I are getting divorced. This conclusion leaves no room for resentment or picking sides.

We will cherish our friendship and always have a special place in our hearts for one another. She added, “Even though we may be traveling different routes, we will still love and support one another’s happiness. I appreciate all of the support and kind words. Tom revealed that Katie had decided to break up with him.

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“Wow, this is terrible. He posed the question with an Instagram presentation of his and Katie’s photos. I wanted to put to rest some rumors that have been circulating. Katie and I have divorced. The D-word still hurts too deeply for me to be ready to say.

I’ll be fine, even though my heart hurts. I’m not attempting to influence anyone. I’m not the victim here. I won’t compose a melancholy song.

I wholeheartedly agree with Katie’s decision; we’ve had candid, insightful conversations about it. It would be even more heartbreaking if she stayed with me and wasn’t happy.

What Has Katie Maloney Said Publicly About Her Divorce From Tom?

In December 2022, Katie revealed she is “proud of herself” for choosing to divorce Tom during an appearance on “The Papaya” podcast.

Katie And Tom Divorce
Katie And Tom Divorce

“Everyone saw us suffer through so much for so long, whether they observed us or were close to us, and all the reasons I left or wanted to leave my marriage were the same reasons I kept around,” she added.

How Long Have Katie And Tom Been Together?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz began dating two years before the 2013 launch of the well-liked reality series Bravo. In August 2016, they got married.

We’ve been together for ten years, Katie was quoted as saying in our weekly. There have been ten years. I think there’s something there that has to be said. Couples performed on Vanderpump’s Rule, which debuted its fifth season in March 2017.

The couple wed again almost three years later in Las Vegas because the marriage paperwork wasn’t finalized after the initial wedding.

They legally got married in July 2019. No offspring between Katie and Tom are known. On March 10, Katie published a photo of herself without her wedding band, sparking speculation that she and Tom were getting a divorce. After the 35-year-old appeared to have lost her wedding ring, Vanderpump Rules viewers questioned whether the couple might contemplate divorcing.

The posts by Katie, which show her left hand without a diamond band, captivated Reddit users. According to some, Katie and Tom won’t stay together and will fabricate problems in heaven to create a plot for the upcoming Vanderpump Rules season.

“She was with Schwartz at Tom last weekend,” a skeptic claimed. They were working on a plot for season 10 together. A new story surfaced last month after Katie posted a quote from Kim Kardashian on her Instagram Story.

The passage claims that I have been choosing to prioritize my needs for the past two years. And that’s fantastic. And even if it necessitates changes and culminates in my divorce, I think it’s important, to be honest about what brings you joy.

She said, “I’ve already picked myself.” I think choosing you is appropriate. The Vanderpump Rules star appeared to agree with Kim when she said, “Amen,” in the picture. The well-known pair hasn’t formally approved or disagreed with the allegations yet.

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