What Is the Net Worth of Kelly Mi Li In 2022? When Did Her Career Begin?

Kelly Mi Li: Multimillionaire Chinese-American serial entrepreneur, producer of motion pictures, and investor Kelly Mi Li. She is best known for her roles as executive producer and star of the Netflix series Bling Empire.

Kelly is the executive producer of the Michael Shannon crime drama Echo Boomers and the FBI decoding series Cypher, both of which are available on Roku. She spent some time working in New York before starting her real estate development career there.

She has worked as a film producer and talent manager in the past, as well as dabbling in various tech-related projects. She works on five new movies through her production firm, Wet Paws Media.

Kelly Mi Li is a passionate philanthropist who has held board positions with several nonprofits, including Prince Harry’s Well Child and UNICEF CCI. Aside from her prior marriage to a wealthy Chinese guy, Kelly is also well known for having committed one of the biggest scams in American history before going to prison.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li?

On November 13, 1985, Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming, China. She will be 37 years old in 2022. Kelly began working as an insurance agent in New York at 18. Ultimately, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked in the restaurant and real estate development industries.

Before joining East-West Musicians as a talent manager and helping pair American and Asian artists, she started investing in online businesses like Nature Box and MeUndies. Kelly worked for the company for three years.


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Kelly has also worked as a design, production, and distribution partner with Greyscale Lab. Wet Paws Media was also credited to her with founding it. She has contributed as a producer to several movies and television programs.

When Did Kelly Mi Li’s Career Begin?

Kelly started her first corporate position at 18, selling life and health insurance for New York Life. The job was a fantastic fit for her academic interests because she intended to study finance in college. Because she was paid on commission, it allowed her to make a lot of money rapidly.

She invested $16,000 of her first sizable commission in her first condo purchase, which she still owns today. At age 18, Kelly relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the food industry.

She rapidly bought her restaurant, sold it after a few years, and started investing in tech firms, including MeUndies, Nature Box, and Change.org. After that, Kelly served as a managing partner at the talent agency East West Artists. Kelly has additionally contributed as a partner to Greyscale Lab’s design, manufacturing, and distribution efforts.

Kelly invested in Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Be Great Partners after moving to the US. She also founded Wet Paws Media and is a founding member of Organic Media Group, a media, and production company.

Additionally, she established the Golden Voice Society Community, a nonprofit institution whose goals include teaching and supporting the AAPI community. Before investing in her most significant initiative, Bling Empire, in 2021, she also tried in the entertainment sector by making a few films.

This program changed her life and launched her career as a celebrity. She then appeared on numerous shows, such as Cypher, The Netflix Afterparty, Celebrity Family Feud, and Entertainment Tonight.

How Is Kelly Mi Li’s Private Life?

Kelly was previously wed to Lin Miao, the founder and CEO of a messaging company that was detained about ten years ago for carrying out one of the worst cyber-scams in American history.

In the show’s first episode, she describes how, before divorcing her ex-husband, she owned seven cars and four homes and regularly charged $400,000 to her black (American Express) card. Then, one day, the authorities seized everything and imprisoned her ex-husband.

Lin and his accomplices made nearly $50 million through their fraud scheme, which they used to support their opulent lifestyles. Kelly and Lin separated in May 2015 after Kelly filed for divorce in 2014. According to Kelly, the couple’s assets were frozen, and they made a $168 million payment to the government.

Kelly once dated Andrew “Drew” Gray, a former Red Power Ranger. Despite their breakup during filming, they reconciled in the season 1 finale. The relationship between Kelly and Andrew is over for good. Kelly confessed her love during a confessional, but she did not reveal the identity of her new boyfriend on the show.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li’s Current Boyfriend?

Kelly Mi Li
Kelly Mi Li

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Many Bling Empire watchers will remember Kelly Mi Li and other couples from the Netflix series. Despite ending her five-year relationship with her ex-Andrew in 2021, she didn’t seem to have much luck with males. Kelly revealed her new relationship in Bling Empire’s third season. In a statement to ET, Kelly referred to her new connection as “amazing.”

The celebrity seems to keep her online dating life private. You can only make out his silhouette in the post she wrote to mark their anniversary. Although they are “partners for life,” Mi Li doesn’t frequently mention him on her social media. They are sufficiently close to doing so, and we know her extreme contentment.

What Is the Net Worth of Kelly Mi Li In 2022?

Kelly Mi Li’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $5 million. Her business, investing and making endeavors produce most of her wealth. She has worked in television production and several companies and is now a self-made millionaire.

Bling Empire was also produced by Kelly, who also helped put together the cast. Although Kelly isn’t the cast member with the most money, she has a huge heart. She amassed a sizeable fortune from real estate commissions and insurance work in New York before switching to the real estate sector.

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