Moon Knight Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight season 1 ended with the season finale on Disney+, and here’s all we know about a possible Moon Knight season 2. Moon Knight episode 6 ended Marc Spector’s feud with Arthur Harrow, however, it left some loose ends. This raises the idea of a second season.

Moon Knight introduced the MCU to Egyptian gods. Marc Spector, a mercenary with DID and several identities, exposed audiences to several Egyptian deities. The Egyptian setting offered a welcome change in tone and landscape.

During its first season on Disney+, Moon Knight aired six episodes. This was like Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There is going to be a second season of Loki and the fourth season of Captain America, Marvel has said. Sam Wilson’s story is going to be continued in both.

During the first season of Moon Knight, a few things were left unanswered in the style of the Marvel Comics. This raised questions about whether the show would follow suit and keep going with more stories.

Moon Knight Season 2 Renewal Status

In the beginning, Disney commissioned Moon Knight as a one-season series, like Hawkeye or WandaVision. That doesn’t mean Marvel can’t do something about it. Among other things, Marvel Studios’ Twitter page appears to have changed the caption of the finale’s teaser, which could be a clue to the show’s concept.

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The possibilities of a Moon Knight feature film and the show’s popularity mean that the second season of Moon Knight has not been ordered by Marvel as of this writing.

Where Will Moon Knight Appear Next In The MCU

There are a few possibilities as to where the Fist of Khonshu will next appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a comic book character, Moon Knight has a strong connection to the Marvel super-team Midnight Sons. Dane Whitman, who appeared in Eternals as a lecturer at London’s Natural History Museum, is another possible link.

A possible link between the Moon Knight’s Steven Grant and London’s Museum of Natural History has been established. Marc might appear with Black Knight and Moon Knight in the MCU, as well as in Marvel Studios’ Blade, due to their shared comic book history and their MCU links.

How Moon Knight’s Ending Sets Up Season 2

After Moon Knight, some story threads remain open for season 2. The avatar of Tawaret was introduced in Moon Knight episode 6 and Layla El-new Faouly’s talents may be explored further. The most important method season 2 is set up is through Jake Lockley.

The end-credit scene of episode 6 confirms that Jake is the new avatar of Khonshu – seemingly unaware to Marc and Steven – setting up a key plot thread for Moon Knight going forward.

Moon Knight Season 2 Predicted Release Date

If Marvel decides to bring back Moon Knight for a second season, it might be several years before it happens. It’s natural to suppose that Moon Knight would be further down the MCU pecking order, which might mean that a second season won’t be seen until 2024 or later.

Season 2 of Moon Knight may be delayed due to the lack of a release date for upcoming titles such as Ironheart, Armor Wars, and Secret Invasion. However, it is safe to presume that Moon Knight will arrive shortly to carry out Khonshu’s revenge across the many ongoing MCU elements, as is typical of Marvel Studios.

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