More Than 600,000 Were Without Power In Michigan After An Ice Storm

More than 665,000 people in southern Lower Michigan are without power this morning, according to USPOWEROUTAGE.COM, as a result of a devastating winter storm system that caused considerable wind and ice accumulations throughout the area. With blizzard warnings in the Northern Plains, this storm system nearly covered the entire country.

Even though the total number of outages is fluctuating minute by minute, the storm’s worst has passed. Today will be windy, and there may be a little light mixed precipitation, but it’s doubtful that there will be any additional major ice accumulation, sleet, or snow.

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As you can see from the map attached to this story, the “bullseye” The I-94 corridor and areas south of Lansing serve as the epicenter of the severe disruptions. This was entirely consistent with the days’ worth of weather reports from FOX 17 meteorologists.

Although being an entirely different kind of storm from the blizzard that hit before Christmas, this one had significantly more damaging ice and many more people without power.

Thousands Without Power In Michigan After Ice Storm

Before suddenly colder air comes in tonight, we expect a gradual thaw with temperatures in the high 30s/lower 40s. Friday’s highs will only be in the mid-to upper-20s! Before another more extensive system with constant to moderate rain and wind comes on Monday, light snow is expected Friday night into early Saturday morning.

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