Mormon Tiktok Influencer Taylor Frankie Paul Charged With Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

According to court documents, Taylor Frankie Paul, a Mormon influencer well-known for her popular TikTok videos, has been accused of domestic assault and child abuse.

According to Salt Lake County court records, Paul was charged on Tuesday with two felony counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child and one felony offense of aggravated assault. Paul was also accused of one misdemeanor count of criminal mischief and child abuse.

The charges come after police in Herriman, Utah, arrested Paul on Feb. 17 after responding to a domestic violence call, the Herriman City Police Department said last week in a statement.

According to a probable cause statement, Paul and her boyfriend, identified as Dakota Mortensen, were having an argument and, when Mortensen tried to leave, she started hitting him. Paul is also accused of throwing several “heavy, metal chairs” at Mortensen and hitting her 5-year-old daughter in the head with one of them, the statement said.

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Police reviewed video of the incident, the probable cause statement said, which allegedly showed Paul throwing what were described as barstools. The statement alleged that Paul hit Mortensen with one of the stools, which then also hit her daughter, who was lying on a couch in the room where Paul and Mortensen were arguing.

The child later developed a painful bump on her head, according to court documents.  Another 2-year-old child was in the home at the time, the probable cause statement said.

Mormon Tiktok Influencer Taylor Frankie Paul Charged With Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

The affidavit claims that Paul is also seen on the video kicking Mortensen, holding him in a chokehold, and striking him repeatedly. Mortensen further claimed that Paul had thrown her phone and a wooden playset his way, which had hit his car and smashed a door.

The responding officer alleged in the probable cause statement that he saw Paul hit Mortensen when he arrived and that Paul admitted to throwing the chairs and playset.

“Ms. Paul’s status as a social media influencer has no bearing or impact on the investigation or outcome of this case,” the Herriman Police Department said last week. “All allegations of domestic violence are investigated thoroughly and in accordance with state law and established criminal justice best practices to protect victims and ensure accountability.”

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