A Suspect Has Been Arrested In The Shooting Death Of A Teen In West Valley Park

At West Valley Park on Friday night, an 18-year-old male admitted to killing another teen. On Monday, Cameron Helland entered Yakima County Superior Court for the first time. For the death of Davontae Ray Mesa, 16, he is accused of second-degree murder.

According to Lt. Mike Pollard, the suspect opened fire on the victim as he tried to buy marijuana from Helland and then fled in a car.

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Police discovered Mesa at the park at about 6 o’clock with numerous gunshot wounds. He was transferred to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

While this was happening, Helland took a few miles away, parked his car, and started to stroll down the street. According to Lt. Pollard, he soon requested a lift back to the park from a total stranger in an apparent act of panic.

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Helland informed the guy giving him a ride that he had killed someone and that police were likely waiting for him at the park while they were traveling back.

According to Lt. Pollard, he arrived in the unknown person’s car, admitted to the crime, and was apprehended less than an hour later. The Yakima County Jail is holding Helland on a $1 million bond. Kindly visit our Techyember.com if you require any additional information.

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