Abbott Criticizes Dominion Over Tucker Carlson’s Exit From Fox News

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) slammed Dominion Voting Systems for Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News, following reports that the popular conservative primetime personality was sacked as part of the network’s settlement with the voting software business.

A member told Carlson of the network’s board of directors that he was taken off the air as part of the Fox News settlement with Dominion, according to Axios, which cited unidentified sources briefed on the conversations. Abbott said if the reporting was actual, he is “happy that Dominion does not operate in Texas.”

Abbott Criticizes Dominion Over Tucker Carlson's Exit From Fox News

“We may disagree with other’s positions, but we should never try to silence views contrary to our own improperly,” Abbott stated on Saturday through Twitter.

“If Dominion wants to do business with Texas in the future, they should first answer questions about what role, if any, they played in silencing a prominent conservative journalist.”

In a response to Axios, a Fox News representative stated that the notion that Carlson was let go as part of the settlement was “categorically false.” Dominion’s counsel told the news site that the company did not insist on Carlson’s dismissal.

A Dominion representative informed The Hill early Sunday that Carlson was not included in the settlement and that any suggestions to the contrary are incorrect.

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Carlson’s high-profile exit comes just days after Fox News reached a $780 million settlement with Dominion in a slander lawsuit. The suit centered on the network’s coverage of former President Trump and his supporters’ assertions that the 2020 election was rigged.

Fox News decided to break ways with Carlson when he was hosting the country’s most popular primetime cable news show.

Carlson’s Fox News contract runs until the start of 2025, with the network insisting on still paying him. But the agreement also limits his ability to launch another show, with a non-compete provision blocking such a move.

Carlson announced last week that he would be moving his show to Twitter, and the announcement video received over 128 million views on the platform.

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