Abigail Breslin Weight Gain: Who Is Her Husband, Ira Kunyansky?

Abigail Breslin, an American actress, rose to fame with the comedy-drama Little Miss Sunshine (2006), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award at the tender age of ten for Best Supporting Actress.

She also had her first regular role in a television series, Scream Queens, a horror-comedy on Fox between 2015 and 2016.

Abigail Breslin recently starred as Esme Brewer in the Fox television series Accused, which follows a nonviolent protester who ends up stalking online forums to exact revenge on a white nationalist who killed her friend by ramming his car into a crowd.

Every episode of the program starts in a courtroom with a defendant on trial; the audience is in the dark about the defendant’s crime and their origins.

Similar to this, since the show’s premiere, many people have been discussing Abigail Breslin’s weight gain appearance. People claim that the actress looks a little heavier.

As a result, many people have been interested in learning the causes of her physical transformation. We’ve got you covered, though.

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Abigail Breslin’s Weight Gain: The 26-Year-Old Star Star Has Become a Major Topic Online Due to Her Body Shape!

Following the premiere of the Fox series Accused, Abigail Breslin’s weight gain transformation has recently attracted the attention of her admirers and followers.

Fans were shocked by how she had transformed after gaining weight, therefore they are now curious to learn more about her dramatic change in appearance.

Abigail Breslin’s weight gain has not gone unnoticed by her fans, who have been discussing it for a decade. However, not everyone agrees that anything involving celebrities has become a source of contention.

Onlookers couldn’t help but notice the actress’s appearance, which suggested she looked a little heavier than she was before. They argued about how she had gained weight.

Abigail Breslin Weight Gain

Others began casually criticizing Abigail Breslin’s physique and implying that she had an unhealthy lifestyle. She did, however, say that she seems happy and self-assured, showing that she isn’t repressed and has no regrets. She has mentioned that she wants to promote body positivity.

Abigail Breslin previously attacked a Twitter troll who commented about her weight, calling his comments nasty and damaging, and asserting that they were why she started showing symptoms of an eating disorder when she was 14.

She said on Twitter that she was sick of people labeling women in her industry overweight, citing one person who allegedly inquired whether she was following the eat-everything diet.

Then a troll interrupted, claiming to have called her fat before and seeking information on whether it would be too much trouble for her to work out three times per week. However,  in response she replied,

I don’t care if u find me attractive. I find your disgusting, unwarranted, ignorant, offensive, obtuse, harmful, and abusive comments UNATTRACTIVE. YOUR words are the exact reason a 14 yr old me started throwing up after meals. U don’t know how detrimental ur words can be (contd).

“Btw, why are you so concerned about a young woman’s physique, and moreover, why do YOU believe YOU have the right to comment on it?” she continued. Get yourself some life before you seriously hurt someone.

Furthermore, Abigail Breslin has yet to respond to inquiries about her weight gain. However, the rumors were sparked because her face appeared extremely pumped and filled up.

Her cheekbones are lumpy and prominent. There was weight gain on her face, but because it appeared to be from fillers, we can’t tell if it was throughout her body.

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Abigail Breslin Recently Got Married With Her Best Friend!

Ira Kunyansky, Abigail Breslin’s longtime lover and best friend, just got married. The joyful pair was hitched on January 30, 2023.

“Ya gal got married y’all,” the 26-year-old actress wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo showing her diamond-encrusted wedding band and engagement ring.

“More dress/hair/makeup information and images to come,” she commented with a picture of herself and her new husband having fun on the dance floor at their wedding reception.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Breslin, who was nominated for an Oscar for her breakthrough performance as a young beauty pageant queen in Little Miss Sunshine when she was just 10 years old, announced her engagement in February after dating Kunyansky for roughly five years.

Her appearances in the movies Definitely, Maybe, Scream Queens, and Zombieland are also well-known.

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