Body Of Missing Georgia Man Found In Baton Rouge

Police in Louisiana are still looking into the unusual murder of a Georgia man who vanished during a business trip and was allegedly discovered dead, wrapped in a rug, more than a week later.

On the evening of February 22, 42-year-old Nathan Millard was last seen in Baton Rogue, Louisianadowntown. ,’s police previously said The father of five was later discovered dead at around 3:30 am on Monday, not far from where he had been seen alive earlier.

Authorities are trying to figure out how he died and got to where he was found. Still, a preliminary autopsy report in Millard indicated there was no internal or exterior injuries to his corpse.

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“It didn’t appear that there was anything taking place criminally. At this time, we don’t have any indication that there was any foul play involved,” Kevin Heinz, captain of the violent crimes unit, said at a Tuesday news conference. 

When Was Nathan Millard Last Seen?

On February 22, Millard went to an LSU men’s basketball game with a client. After the game, according to the police, Millard headed to a bar in Baton Rouge. He was last seen leaving the establishment at 10:30 p.m.

Initially, it was assumed that he left the bar to head back to his hotel, but about an hour later, surveillance cameras showed him at a Greyhound bus stop, where a security officer volunteered to get Millard an Uber.

“He didn’t appear to be in distress, she just felt as though he was out of place. He declined that offer and he left there under his own accord,” Heinz said. 

Police said they were then able to track Millard for several hours to different businesses in the Baton Rogue area. He was last seen around 4:30 a.m. the morning of Feb. 23. Police did not disclose where he was last seen, citing it was part of the investigation. 

Body Of Missing Georgia Man Found In Baton Rouge

The 2900 block of Scenic Highway is home to Millard’s body, which was discovered less than two miles from the Greyhound bus stop.

“Millard, from Covington, was found dead early Monday behind a shuttered funeral home. The body had been wrapped in a rug and plastic,” the Associated Press confirmed.

Nathan Millard Autopsy Report

The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office conducted a preliminary autopsy report that found no signs of trauma on Millard’s body, but the office is still awaiting the results of a toxicology test to determine the final autopsy findings. The full autopsy report must be finished before a cause and manner of death may be determined.

Police said they are continuing to investigate Millard’s death and foul play is not suspected. They are looking to speak with anyone who may have been in contact with Millard in the hours before and after he was last seen. They are also trying to find out who may have placed Millard where his body was found. 

“Efforts are underway to locate and talk to whoever may have put in there,” Heinz said. “We’ll ask whoever put in there if something happened and there was a moment of panic, come forward. We just want to know what happened to him.”

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