Chris Brown Apologizes To Robert Glasper After Losing Grammy

Chris Brown is retracting several statements he made after the 2023 Grammy Awards. The 33-year-old singer lost to pianist Robert Glasper in the Sunday award competition for best R&B album.

While PJ Morton (Watch the Sun), Mary J. Blige (Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe)), and Lucky Daye (Candydrip) were also nominated in the same category, Brown openly expressed his disappointment by verbally criticizing Glasper in a series of posts uploaded to his Instagram Story on Sunday night.

He started expressing his emotions by commenting on his account, “YALL PLAYING WHO DA F-K IS THIS?” next to a screenshot of Glasper being revealed as the victor after his 2022 album Black Radio III won.

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The Shade Room took images of Brown writing in white letters against anblack background and addeddding, “I’M GOING TO KEEP KICKING A— RESPECTFULLY.”

He then shared a photo of himself playing the harmonica with the captions “NEW LEVEL UNLOCKED!” and “HARMONICA BREEZY,” continuing to torment Glasper by telling him to “start playing the harmonica.”

Even though the 44-year-old singer remained silent in response to Brown’s remarks, Brown shared on his Instagram Story on Monday that he had sent the musician a direct apology message.

Chris Brown Apologizes To Robert Glasper After Losing Grammy

“I’m sorry if my behavior at the Grammys offended you; you were not the intended target, and I realize I came across as incredibly unpleasant and mean. The organization isn’t doing Blacks our due diligence, in my opinion, after completing my investigation. I SHOULD NEVER BE IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS YOU, “furthered Brown.

He concluded the apology statement: “Two very distinct moods and genres, consequently, from one black man to another. Congratulations! I hope you can feed your family for the rest of your days. Bless you, my G.”


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Breezy (Deluxe), Brown’s 10th studio album, was nominated for a Grammy on Sunday, but he last attended the ceremony in 2012, when he won a gramophone in the same category.

After pleading guilty to beating Rihanna, who was then his girlfriend, the day before the 2009 Grammy Awards, he made his debut appearance at the 2012 ceremony.

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