Colorado Police Officer Dies After Falling From Bridge

A police officer died about a week and a half after falling 30 feet off a bridge while attempting to apprehend a suspect and two days after being placed on life support.

With four and a half years, Officer Julian Becerra worked as a K9 officer for the Fountain Police Department. The department issued a statement confirming his death on Saturday night.

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Becerra fell due to an incident that took place on February 2. Several law enforcement agencies were pursuing three persons after they were accused of committing various offenses, according to the police.

Near South Academy Boulevard and Hartford Street, just east of Interstate 25, the suspects’ automobile was damaged by Colorado State Patrol officers. One of the suspects rushed to a nearby bridge and attempted to leap off.

Colorado Police Officer Dies After Falling From Bridge

Becerra and several other cops prevented the suspect from jumping, as seen on video and in police statements. Becerra suffered significant injuries after falling 30 to 40 feet during the operation.

He was placed on life support on Friday and passed on Saturday night. The Fountain Police Department wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, “We appreciate the public’s outpouring of support over the past week for Officer Becerra, his family, and the Fountain Police Department.”

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