Flo Rida 6-Year-Old Son in ICU After Falling From 5th Floor: Lawsuit

The 6-year-old son of rapper Flo Rida is reportedly in intensive care following a fall from a fifth-floor Jersey City apartment.

According to a lawsuit filed by the child’s mother, Alexis Adams, Zohar Dillard’s injuries include a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, internal hemorrhage, and several pelvic fractures. Adams claims that the windows on the building from where her son fell are in a “hazardous condition.”

“I am devastated, angry, and struggling to come to terms with the fact that my only child has suffered severe injuries due to willful negligence of our landlord and others involved in failing to take necessary safety measures,” she told News 12 in a statement.

 Flo Rida 6-Year-Old Son in ICU

TMZ reports that the child survived a 50-foot fall onto the pavement. He is said to be wearing a full-body cast and will have to relearn how to walk.

According to the site, Flo Rida is not a defendant in the lawsuit, and the status of his connection with Adams and their son is unknown.

Adams allegedly said in 2018 that the rapper had seen their son, who has special needs, just once.

According to US Weekly, the boy was diagnosed with hydrocephalus immediately after birth. According to the National Institutes of Health, it is “a neurological condition characterized by an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles (cavities) deep within the brain.”

Adams has reportedly been by her son’s side daily since his fall.

Flo Rida has yet to comment on the incident. He is currently scheduled to perform two shows in Miami next week.

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