George Santos Gay: He Admits To Lying About His Background!

George Santos Gay: Following a New York Times exposé published last week, Congressman-elect George Santos, the first openly gay Republican elected to Congress as a non-incumbent, admitted to faking portions of his resume and biography.

Santos acknowledged on Monday that he had exaggerated statements about his educational and professional background. Still, he insisted that his ability to serve in the upcoming Congress, which convenes on January 3, won’t be hampered by his false statements.

Throughout the interview, Santos affirmed, “I am not a criminal.” “This won’t stop me from being a successful legislator. I’ll be successful. I’ll do well.

He continued, “My faults here are enhancing my resume. “I apologize.”

After the Times revealed that it could not verify several statements in George Santos’ biography, his history came under scrutiny. Santos was chosen to represent Long Island and Queens portions in the November election. Santos, for example, claimed to have graduated from Baruch College in 2010, but the college could not verify his enrollment. Santos acknowledged in the Post interview that he had never received a college diploma.

“I didn’t acquire a degree from any college or university. He said, “I’m ashamed and apologize for embellishing my resume. “I acknowledge that. We make foolish decisions in life.

Initially, a biography for George Santos on his campaign website—which has since been changed—said the 34-year-old had experience with Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. However, Santos later acknowledged that he “never worked directly” for either company, calling the claim “a terrible choice of words.”

George Santos attempted to make it clear that he was employed by LinkBridge Investors, a business that collaborated with both organizations. At LinkBridge, he asserted that his company engaged with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup as limited partnerships and that he had facilitated “capital introductions” between clients and investors.

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Santos stated he identifies as Catholic but maintains that his grandmother created tales about him being Jewish and subsequently converted to Catholicism in response to assertions that he misrepresented his Jewish origin and that his maternal grandparents had escaped persecution in Ukraine and later in Belgium.

Santos stated, “I never claimed to be Jewish. I’m a Catholic. I declared myself “Jew-ish” after learning that my mother’s family was Jewish.

Santos revealed that he had been married to a woman for roughly five years, from 2012 until his divorce in 2017, according to allegations published in The Daily Beast last week. Still, he maintains he is now a happily married homosexual guy.

“In the past, I dated women. I wed a female. Santos remarked, “It’s personal stuff. “I’m gay. I don’t mind being gay. People evolve. I’m one of those individuals who adopt.

Other issues brought up by the Daily Beast article, like when Santos came out publicly and whether or not he is genuinely married to a guy, were not addressed by Santos.

While Santos claimed that he had “never experienced discrimination in the Republican Party” because of his sexual orientation and that he had “never had an issue” with his sexuality “in the past decade,” the timeline of his marriage would seem to conflict with the idea that he was “out” to fellow Republicans at the time he was married to a woman. Santos opposed the Respect for Marriage Act and supported Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

A document that Santos’s previous marriage to a lady was legally consummated in 2019 was purportedly discovered by The Daily Beast two weeks before the first of his two bids for the 3rd Congressional District of New York. Santos had called the gay pharmacist his “fiancé” in 2021, but he now calls him his “spouse,” The website could not locate a marriage certificate attesting to their union.

When George Santos posted on Twitter that his family had owned 13 different residences, he later admitted that he had lied. He also said that he now lives with his sister in Huntington but plans to buy his own home.

He declared, “George Santos does not own any properties.

Regarding allegations that he owed a prior landlord past-due rent, Santos claimed he had run into financial difficulties due to having to shoulder the cost of his mother’s medical bills after she was diagnosed with cancer, which ultimately caused her death on December 23, 2016. He claimed to have lost track of the $12,000 rent that a Queens judge had ordered him to pay the landlord.

He admitted, “We didn’t pay it off. “I completely overlooked that.”

He did refute one of the claims in the Times article, however, in which it was stated that he had been charged with a crime in Brazil in 2008 for allegedly stealing the checkbook of a man for whom his mother was working as a home nurse and using it to make expensive purchases. He said: “I am not a criminal here — not here, in Brazil, or any jurisdiction in the world.”

He ignored his concerns about how Santos’ embellishments and fabrications would affect his effectiveness in Congress.

I ran for office talking about the issues of the people, not about my experience, he claimed. “I’m going to keep my campaign promises to fight crime, battle to bring down inflation, and improve education. I came to D.C. to address those concerns and will continue to do so.

According to many individuals close to House GOP leadership, senior House Republicans were aware of the embellishments and inconsistencies in Santos’s biography. The subject even turned into a “running joke” among those in the know.

A senior GOP leadership aide said, “As far as questions about George in general, it was always something that was brought up whenever we talked about this campaign.” At one point, it became a running joke. Since this is his second election campaign, we hoped the people would resolve these concerns.

George Santos Gay
George Santos Gay

Republicans reportedly had concerns about Santos, according to a prior report by The Cook Political Report on the 3rd Congressional District election. The report cited a GOP aide saying, “We’re not touching [Santos] with a 10-foot pole.” As a result, Cook and other political forecasters gave the election a “leans Democratic” rating, which may have caused the media and pundits to provide the contest with less attention and stop looking into Santos’s past.

Santos’ Democratic opponent in the vacant seat campaign, Robert Zimmerman, told Washington Post reporter Azi Paybarah that he was unsurprised by Santos’s alleged lies.

Zimmerman allegedly told Paybarah, “We always knew he was operating a fraud against the voters, and we raised many of these issues, but [we] were drowned out in the governor’s election when the crime was the emphasis and the media had other priorities.”

How Is George Santos’ Personal Life?

George Santos has provided contradictory descriptions of his home. His residence was reported as being in Elmhurst, Queens, outside the district’s boundaries where Santos was running for office during his 2020 campaign. Later, Santos and his husband relocated to a rowhouse in Whitestone, Queens; according to the owner, they did so in July 2020. After returning from a party at Mar-a-Lago in January 2021, Santos claimed he and his husband discovered stones and eggs thrown at the condo. He claimed this damage caused him to spend hours on the phone with the police and insurers.

His landlord, the owner, and the occupant of the lower apartment in the rowhouse could not remember any such occurrence, and the Times could find no police record of any vandalism at the address. Because of the damage, Santos informed Newsday in March 2022 that he had left the Whitestone rowhouse and relocated to another area. However, seven months later, Santos claimed he was still residing in the Whitestone residence. Santos did not appear to live at the Whitestone location, despite being registered to vote there during his congressional races.


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Santos was kicked out of three rented Queens homes in the middle of the decade (in Sunnyside, Whitestone, and Jackson Heights) for failing to make rent payments. In connection with the second eviction, a Queen’s court rendered a civil judgment of $12,208 against Santos. Santos explained to the Post that his mother’s illness at the time had put his family in debt; he had not yet made the rent payment because he “totally forgot about it.”

A week later, in February 2016, Santos registered to vote in Florida, where he cast his ballot in the November election of that year. Six days later, he did the same in New York, according to The Intercept. Santos’ landlord claimed he left the property in August 2022 and left behind $17,000 in damages, but records revealed he was still listed as residing there when he cast his vote in November of that same year.

The landlord, who had thrown much of it out, said he continued receiving mail there after the election, including the certificate of his victory. Santos told reporters that he intended to relocate to Oyster Bay. Still, in August 2022, he and his husband reportedly moved into a home in Huntington, outside the limits of his congressional district.

Santos informed the media in October 2022: “I am openly gay and have never had a problem with my sexual identity in the past ten years.” In 2012, Santos wed a woman. The Daily Beast reports that their divorce took place in 2019. Santos first revealed his marriage to the public in December 2022 when he told the Post: “In the past, I’ve dated women. He added, “I married a lady, and I’m OK with my sexuality. People evolve.”

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