Grey’s Anatomy Star Caterina Scorsone Discusses House Fire

Caterina Scorsone, a star of “Grey’s Anatomy,” recently revealed that her home had burned down a few months prior. Caterina recalled the incident and related how she saved her three children, who she shares with her ex-husband Rob Giles (Eliza, 10; Paloma “Pippa,” 6; and Lucky, 3), by bringing them to safety.

“Smoke started to creep up through the grout around the tub as I was finishing up bath time and getting the kids ready for night, Caterina said on Instagram. She continued, “As I looked down the hallway, a river of thick black smoke had already formed and was filling the house.

Fires do have one drawback: they spread quickly. My three children and I managed to leave the house in two minutes, leaving us with little more than our shoes. And yet, we left.”

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Caterina “heartbreakingly” revealed that they lost all four pets in the fire.

She said, “But we are blessed we got to love them at all. We are still sitting with that loss.”

Caterina, who plays Dr. Amelia Shepherd on the ABC drama, noted that she chose to share the tale in order to express her gratitude to people, including her neighbor, firefighters, and investigators, who stood by her and her family at a trying time. The reason for the flames was not disclosed by her.

Grey's Anatomy Star Caterina Scorsone

“This is a love letter to the incredible people that showed up and the incredible ways that they did,” she wrote, adding, “Thank you to the parents at my kids’ school who sent toys and books, my friends at @greysabc and @shondaland who sent clothing and supplies, my sisters who flew in to handle logistics so that I could be with my kids.”

Reflecting on the tragedy, Caterina said she had learned a lesson. “The only thing that matters is the people (and beings) that you love. The only thing that matters is a community,” she posted.

The actor accompanied her heartfelt statement with images of their three cats and dog, who perished in the tragedy and the burned-out ruins of her home.

Caterina’s post drew love from some of her fellow Grey’s Anatomy cast.

Jake Borelli, who plays Dr. Levi Schmitt, wrote in the comment section, “You are truly an incredible human, and I am sending all the love I have to you and yours.”

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