GTA Online Union Depository Contract bug allows players to earn nearly $1,000,000 each minute

A new helpful glitch in GTA Online allows players to repeatedly replay the Union Depository Contract finale. Combined with the current event week, you can get nearly $1,000,000 per run. This week’s update gives all Robbery Contract finales, including the Union Depository Contract, triple cash, and RP.

This means that players can earn anywhere from $810,000 to $1,012,500 for completing this mission. The above figure includes KDJ and Sessanta’s 10% cut. A solo player will only receive $810,000, whereas the leader of a group of four will receive $1,012,500. It should be noted that those who are not the hosts will earn significantly less.

How to do the new Union Depository Contract glitch in GTA Online to make a ton of money

The description of the above embed contains some essential hyperlinks. Players in GTA Online should open this video in a new tab and scroll down to the section with all the hyperlinks. The image below depicts what you’re looking for in this step of the recently famous Union Depository Contract glitch.

Each platform has a unique playlist. Select the one that applies to you. This article will use the PS5 Playlist as an example, but the process will be similar on other platforms. The primary distinction is that they are bookmarking a different playlist.

GTA Online Union Depository Contract
GTA Online Union Depository Contract

GTA Online players can bookmark the playlist by clicking the “Add to Game” button. If “Add to Game” has been replaced by “Remove From Game,” you have completed this step correctly. If you’re already logged in, restart GTA Online. Alternatively, start the game and go to your Auto Shop.

The following steps are inaccessible to GTA Online players who do not have an Auto Shop. Consider the image above as an example. Isn’t it interesting that none of the three jobs on the whiteboard are The Union Depository Contract? That’s all right. The contract finale glitch is still available.

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You should have already saved the playlist from the previous section of this guide by now. You must now approach the whiteboard and sign in as a CEO or VIP.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on what to do next from this spot:

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Go to “Online.”
  3. Select “Playlists.”
  4. Select “My Bookmarked Playlists.”
  5. Pick what you bookmarked from earlier. On the PS5, it’s called “Union contract.”
  6. Start it.

Players in GTA Online will make the most money from the Union Depository Contract finale if they play in a group. It is still possible to solo it; however, you will earn less money. You may have noticed that you never had to complete the following missions:

  • Planning Work: Elevator Key
  • Planning Work: Vault Code

This bookmarked playlist bypassed that, saving you time. That is one advantage of this recently discovered bug.

Complete The Union Depository Contract like usual. Once you beat the mission, you mustn’t restart the job. Instead, use the continue feature to move on from the completion screen. Afterward, return to your whiteboard and start the glitched playlist to repeat the process.

  • You can skip the preparation missions.
  • You can constantly do this finale with very little wait time between sessions.
  • You don’t need the contract on your whiteboard to do it

GTA Online players can earn around $1,000,000 every ten minutes, depending on their efficiency. To avoid being banned, avoid abusing it excessively.

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