House Democrats File Resolution To Expel Rep. George Santos

House Democrats claimed they had no choice but to submit a resolution to remove troubled Republican Rep. George Santos from Congress because they had no other options.

“There’s something sick about a man who lies and violates every law imaginable,” said Rep. Ritchie Torres.

The effort started when Santos attended his first confidential briefing on the Chinese spy balloon with other members of Congress on Thursday.

Even some members of Santos’ party, including Sen. Mitt Romney and Long Island Republican Reps. Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito, who support Santos’ permanent removal, are calling for his resignation.

Santos was a topic Romney discussed after the State of the Union Address.

House Democrats File Resolution To Expel Rep. George Santos
House Democrats File Resolution To Expel Rep. George Santos

“He shouldn’t be in Congress, and they are going to go through the process and hopefully get him out,” Romney told reporters afterward. “But he shouldn’t be there, and if he had any shame at all he wouldn’t be there.”

A legal expert claims that because this is a resolution, it only requires a 2/3 majority vote in the House to pass, but the GOP leadership must first bring it up for a vote on the floor. The likelihood of such occurring is unknown.

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A lawyer who claimed to have assisted the Republican with the case said that Santos was charged with criminal theft in Pennsylvania in 2017 with erroneous checks allegedly used to purchase puppies from dog breeders.

According to evidence released on Thursday by the lawyer, Tiffany Bogosian, the case was ultimately dropped after Santos claimed the nine checks, totaling more than $15,000, came from a checkbook that had been taken from him.

The theft case, first reported by Politico, adds to the controversy surrounding the first-term Long Island congressman, who faces multiple investigations and has acknowledged lying about elements of his life story.

A representative for the Pennsylvania district attorney’s office in York County, where the charges were brought, stated that the agency could not comment on cases that had been erased. Officials from the Pennsylvania State Police did not respond to requests seeking comment.

A congressional assistant sent inquiries about Santos to his lawyer, Joseph Murray. Murray didn’t immediately reply to a message requesting comment. Santos has, in the past, denied any wrongdoing.

The accusations go back to when Santos asserted to be the leader of a nonprofit called Friends of Pets United that helped sick, neglected, or abandoned animals.

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