Jennifer Fessler Reveals Transformation After Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Fessler of Real Housewives of New Jersey is showing off her new look after undergoing plastic surgery!

The reality TV star appeared on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen episode, where she discussed her cosmetic surgeries and the medications she uses to help her lose weight.

“I’m glowing now!” To host Andy Cohen, Fessler exclaimed. She went on to praise her doctor, “What’s going on? I did get a facelift, though. I did. Dr. Sam Rizk is the best, baby. also a nose job”

Fessler noted when describing her diet plan: “I don’t play, I don’t play, I agree. I did lose a lot of weight. I used peptides, and I wonder whether you’ve heard of any of the weight-loss drugs connected to them.”

Jennifer Fessler Reveals Transformation After Plastic Surgery

Cohen inquired as to whether she was using Ozempic. This drug was initially prescribed to persons with diabetes to help control blood sugar but has recently gained attention for its ability to help people lose weight.

“You said it; I didn’t. But whatever works, here I am,” she admitted.

Fessler’s threat to lose weight follows her accusation that her doctor prescribed Ozempic “without her knowledge” to address menopause symptoms.

The reality personality was quoted by Daily Mail as saying, “I was unaware of what he gave me. It resembles a variety of items, such as estrogen pellets. He gave me a mixture of peptides, but I later discovered it to be an Ozempic variant.”

Despite the weight-loss effects, Fessler said, “Listen, I got on it because I went to a doctor for menopause symptoms.”

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