Jonathan Majors Army Commercials Pulled After Arrest For Reported Assault

Following his arrest, US Army advertising starring Jonathan Majors was withdrawn. The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actor was detained on Saturday for a suspected domestic incident with his partner, who suffered head and neck injuries.

While Major’s counsel refuted all charges and stated that his innocence would be proven, several brands he supported have already taken action against him.

Following Major’s arrest, the US Army (through TV Line) has withdrawn two commercials starring him off the broadcast.

The commercials debuted during March Madness, featuring Majors in the middle of several battlefields while acting as the narrator.

A statement was also issued to explain why the commercials were canceled. The complete statement from the US Army is available below:

The U.S. Army is aware of the arrest of Jonathan Majors, and we are deeply concerned by the allegations surrounding his arrest. We recently released two ads in which Mr. Majors appears. While Mr. Majors is innocent until proven guilty, prudence dictates that we pull our ads until the investigation into these allegations is complete.

Everything We Know About Jonathan Majors’ Arrest

While details of his arrest are slowly coming forward, Majors was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, and harassment.

Jonathan Majors Army Commercials

The actor had allegedly strangled a 30-year-old woman in a taxi, who was revealed to be Majors’s girlfriend. The victim reportedly went to the police the following morning of the incident and reported a domestic dispute, which led to Major’s arrest.

Majors’ lawyer sent a statement to TMZ shortly after his detention, claiming that the actor “had done nothing illegal… We look forward to clearing his name and clearing everything up.”

Majors’ lawyer declared the next day (via Variety) that he “is innocent and is probably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows.” Majors’ attorneys believe they have video footage and witness testimony confirming his innocence.

According to ABC7, Majors allegedly contacted 911 to report concerns about his girlfriend before being arrested. When police arrived and saw marks on the woman’s body and domestic violence charges, the actor was detained, as the NYPD is mandated to do in any case involving domestic abuse.

Jonathan Majors grew to prominence with critically acclaimed performances in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Creed IV, and Magazine Dreams, the latter of which opens in theaters on December 8.

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