Lizzy Caplan Son Alfie And Husband Tom Riley Are Her Life’s Center

Lizzy Caplan says the family is everything.

The Fatal Attraction actress told PEOPLE at the Fleishman Is in Trouble FYC event in Hollywood on Tuesday that her life goals have altered throughout her professional career.

“My whole life is different than it was 15 years ago all vast improvements,” Caplan, 40, explained. “While I appreciate that time, I’m also very happy to be in this new chapter, [where] my priorities are set.”

“I have a baby, [am] married,” she added, referring to her actor husband Tom Riley, and their son Alfie, born in 2021. “That part of my life is now the most important part of my life, whereas, in the past, work was the most important part.”

“There are definitely benefits to getting older, as well as the shock and fear that comes with it,” Caplan noted.

Lizzy Caplan Son Alfie And Husband Tom Riley Are Her Life's Center

She believes that many of the players in Fleishman Are in Trouble, which follows a 41-year-old divorced father of two who ventures into the scary new world of internet dating, are at comparable stages in their lives, which benefited the production.

“Personally, we’ve all been doing this for so long that we have the exact same point of view about how to do this, which is that everybody takes the work extremely seriously, but it’s right-sized within our larger lives,” Caplan explained.

“We’re all married, and we all have kids,” she stated. “And so, really, getting to do a show that examines all of that with people who are just pros was a dream.”

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The Mean Girls actress spoke to Grazia USA in November 2022 about her joy since welcoming her kid.

“There are moments where you’re just watching this little person do something and you’re just beaming at him and you don’t even realize you’re beaming until maybe you see a picture of yourself watching him do this thing and you realize, ‘Oh my, I’m smiling so much right now,'” Caplan explained. “I was smiling without even realizing it — it’s like this unrivaled pure joy.”

Caplan and Riley, 42, first walked the red carpet together in February 2016 at the Prague Opera Ball, a year after they met while Caplan was filming in London. They got engaged in May 2016 and married a year later.

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And the actress told Grazia USA she doesn’t regret the couple’s decision to delay having children.

“We got a lot of life in before we had a kid, so we were both very ready to do this,” she said, referring to her husband as the “father of the century.”

“And it’s just so much more mind-blowing and better than you could possibly imagine before actually going through with it,” she added. “That’s been our experience.”

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