Meghan Trainor Shares Emotional Video of Baby No. 2 Announcement

Following her announcement earlier this week that she and her husband, Daryl Sabara, are expecting a second child, Meghan Trainor is now sharing with her fans the exact moment she discovered she was carrying.

The 29-year-old pop artist makes an endearing appearance in a recent Instagram video shortly after reading her pregnancy test, which, according to her, revealed a positive result in record speed.

Trainor exclaims, “That sh—t lighted up so quick,” as he confirms the information by flashing the testing stick to the camera. The singer, attempting to digest all the delight, keeps saying, “Oh my god,” to the tune of “Turning Page.”


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The video’s caption read, “The moment I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2.” Riley, the singer’s son, who will be two later this month, is already a parent.

Her husband also shared a frank video to TikTok earlier this week, detailing the moment he learned about the new baby.

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He may be seen entering the room in Sabara’s footage and enquiring about Trainor’s most recent pregnancy test. Despite not being in the picture, you can hear the singer say, “Babe, it lit up so quickly! It’s pregnant, see?”

Trainor then breaks out a mixture of grief and laughter as Sabara approaches her and appears to embrace her away from the camera. He says, “I knew it,” as they walk in front of the camera while still hugging.


“They’re twins!” Trainor makes a joke before yelling, “Holy crap! We’re expecting a child, “kissing Sabara as well. We’re not telling anyone, she continues.

“My wife is telling me she’s pregnant with baby #2,” he captioned the clip. “It’s NOT twins, and she told everyone 🤣🥰 @meghantrainor.”

With the imminent publication of her debut book, Dear Future Mama, in which she frankly discusses her struggle with body image, mental health, pregnancy, and navigating her career path as a new mother, Trainor is focusing on growing her family as her business.

Her OB-GYN, qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and incredibly supportive spouse contribute to the book.

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