Michael Strahan Receives Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame

With the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame dedicated to the category of sports entertainment, Michael Strahan has broken yet another ground.

He is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, a game show presenter, a journalist who has won a Peabody Award, and now he has his own star.

It’s bizarre, Strahan remarked. “Who would have thought that as you grew up, this would occur in your life? Particularly when you’re in the sports industry and the next thing you know, you’re on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.”

His legacy, which has grown to demonstrate that he is a giant in more ways than one, has its roots in football. Strahan rose to prominence in the sports media not long after his team won the 2007 Super Bowl and after participating in seven Pro Bowls.

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By presenting ABC’s “Good Morning America,” authoring a book, starting a company, and even traveling to space, he also discovered his voice in other arenas.

He replied be among the stars, “I assumed I’d have to go into space, but I guess not.” Could have avoided making a trip.

I believe that’s what has helped me actually develop a career and helped me like love life and what I’m doing. “Different personas of who I am, but all really authentic,” Strahan said.

Michael Strahan Receives Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame
Michael Strahan Receives Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame

With the assistance of others who push and mentor him when he can’t see anything for himself, he is discovering who he can be.

I’ve met many people, each from a different background and area of my life, but they all share the same core values and the desire to improve the lives of those around them, he said.

They supported Strahan on his momentous day in Hollywood, celebrating star No. 92 and his new star number of 2,744 on the Walk of Fame. Keep an eye on us for more information like this, Techyember.com.

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