Mike Caussin’s Response to Jana Kramer And Allan Russell’s Engagement

Jana Kramer doesn’t want to be anything other than what she’s been trying to be lately—which is friendly with her ex-husband Mike Caussin.

That means the One Tree Hill alum also ensures the former football player gets along with her new fiancé Allan Russell.

“He has a thing for Allan.” “They’ve hung out,” Jana stated on her podcast, Whine Down With Jana Kramer, on May 25. “They’re all together at games and stuff.” Everything is terrific.”

In Fact, She discussed where she and Allan stood with Mike (with whom she shares daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4 before the proposal, which comes roughly seven months into their romance.

“He had asked me, ‘Do you think you and Allan will get married?'” recounted the actress. “And I’m like, ‘You know, we’ve definitely discussed it.'” But I’m not saying, ‘We have to get married at this time, and we have to be engaged at this point.'”

But you know when you know. “I’m like, I know he’s my person,” she said. “I have faith in him.” There’s no anxiety associated with that. So he understood he was my partner whether we got married or engaged.”

Mike Caussin's Response to Jana Kramer And Allan Russell's Engagement

However, it was Angelina Jolie who broke the news to Mike.

“Jolie was FaceTiming him and said, ‘Dad, guess what? “Mommy’s engaged!” exclaimed the singer. “And he goes, ‘Oh, that’s nice.'” I wish I could have told him, but I also don’t want Jolie to hide secrets from her father.”

Her ex congratulated her and they discussed co-parenting.

“Once we resolved that conversation, he was like, ‘Hey, I’m really happy for you,'” she explained. “He says, ‘Allan’s a great guy.'” And all I can say is, ‘Thank you.’ And I started crying because he said, ‘Of all people, you deserve to have someone who loves and respects you, and you deserve this.’ He says, ‘After everything I’ve put you through, you deserve this more than anyone.’ And the fact that he said that meant so lot to me.”

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Jana and Mike’s six-year marriage ended in 2021 when she filed for divorce, citing “inappropriate marital conduct, irreconcilable differences, and ad*ltery.”

During an episode of Red Table Talk a year later, after their divorce, Jana said that Mike cheated on her with more than 13 people during their relationship (he did not publicly comment on the allegation).

On the other hand, she wishes to concentrate on her future with Allan rather than her past with Mike.

“He didn’t want it to look like this, either,” Jana explained. “But we’re both overjoyed. I wish him happiness. And the fact that he is sincerely rooting for them. I think he’s probably glad that the narrative is slightly altering.”

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