NJ School Superintendent Resigns After Student’s Suicide

Adriana Kuch, 14, was killed by suicide days after being attacked by kids in a New Jersey school district’s hallway. The head of that district has resigned.

Two days after the attack on a high school on February 1, Adriana was discovered dead in her Bayville home. According to officials, the incident was documented, and the four students involved were suspended and charged. The Central Regional School District announced Saturday that it had accepted the resignation of Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides.

“The Central Regional family continues to mourn the loss of one of our children,” read the statement posted on the district’s website. “The Central Regional School District is evaluating all current and past allegations of bullying.” The community did not clarify why Parlapanides resigned or respond to requests for comment.

In talks with media outlets, such as the Daily Mail, Parlapanides had claimed that Adriana used drugs and that her father had rejected assistance from the district.

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Adriana’s father, Michael Kuch, claimed that Parlapanides was “blaming” his daughter in an interview with the New York Post and claimed that she had not been provided drug rehabilitation. The father continued, saying that his daughter had tried using a marijuana vape pen but had not used any other drugs.

NBC News reached out to Michael Kuch Sunday. On Saturday, he reposted the district’s statement regarding Parlapanides’ resignation to his Facebook, writing: “I will let this speak for itself.” According to NBC New York, Parlapanides quit during a crisis Zoom meeting on Saturday to address his remarks.

A day after the teenager’s funeral, the resignation was announced. After a video of the attack on Kuch at Central Regional High School went online, it attracted widespread attention.

NJ School Superintendent Resigns After Student's Suicide

According to a statement released on Friday by Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer, of the four students allegedly involved in the attack, one was charged with aggravated assault, another with harassment, and two others with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

Their identities have not been made public. Even when charged as adults, kids accused of crimes are typically not named by NBC News. “Each juvenile and their guardian was served with a copy of their complaint and are released pending future court appearances,” Billhimer said.

Michael Kuch said on Facebook and told NBC New York that several students attacked his daughter while walking with her boyfriend in the hallway.

He wrote on Facebook that a video of the fight was posted online and that Adriana, a freshman, had been tagged in it. He said it was posted to “make fun of her online.”

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