Police Respond To Erroneous Reports Of An Active Shooter On The Pitt Campus

The FBI and the University of Pittsburgh Police Department are investigating an active shooter hoax that occurred late Monday night at the University Hillman Library. The first of three hoax calls were made to Pittsburgh Police at 11:10 p.m.

“There was the sound of either gunshots or simulated gunshots that that officer could hear over the phone,” Pitt Police Chief Jim Loftus said.

Police arrived at the library five minutes later, evacuating hundreds of students and emptying rooms.

Police Respond To Erroneous Reports Of An Active Shooter

It was at that point a city officer fired shots to try and make an entry on the ground floor. The door had been locked due to construction.

Pittsburgh Police tell Channel 11 they are investigating those actions to see if they were in “alignment with policy and training.”

Pittsburgh Police Said on Twitter:-

Once Hillman was cleared, more calls from nearby Mervis Hall. Students said they heard footsteps in the hall that they did not believe were police.

Despite this, no campus-wide alarm was sent. It took roughly 90 minutes from the moment the police were called to the time the first notice was sent to students.

“My regret and my responsibility are that we didn’t get the ENS message out as quickly as I think we could have or should have and that rests with me,” Chief Loftus said.

Lauren Talotta Said on Twitter,JUST IN: @PittTweet says a “delayed and flawed” ENS message complicated matters during last night’s response to (what turned out to be) a false active shooter call.”

The university released a response about the incident, stating that an officer discharged his weapon, causing “understandable alarm” and that their Emergency Notification System was both “delayed and flawed.” They said they are reviewing the system and retraining their communicators. The complete response can be found here.

The FBI is cooperating in the investigation but has declined to comment on it or whether there are any potential links to the fake calls that occurred at surrounding schools in March.

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