Squid Game Contestants Already Getting Injured In Netflix’s Reality Show

On the first day of filming in the UK, some competitors on the Netflix reality series Squid Game: The Challenge reportedly needed medical attention as the temperature dropped below freezing.

The players, who were among 456 competitors, were playing Red Light Green Light, the well-known start-and-stop children’s game, in a former airplane hangar north of London on Monday when the temperature dropped to zero degrees.

The players who spoke with the British tabloid The Sun described the icy, unpleasant reality of playing the game in subzero temperatures. According to one report, “Some people couldn’t move their feet because it was that chilly.” “The team would move quickly when you heard someone cry “medic.””

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Some participants—Netflix recruited contenders from all around the world—may have had less experience with chilly climates than others. Less than five players are thought to have needed medical assistance, and they were all attended to for minor accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

According to a statement given to Variety by a Netflix representative: “We took great care to implement all necessary safety measures out of profound concern for the cast and crew’s health and safety. Any accusations of significant harm are incorrect, despite the fact that it was freezing on set and that participants were outfitted for it.”

The unscripted game show will include several challenges modeled after those in the original programme as well as “surprising new additions,” incentivizing contestants to form alliances and employ novel tactics to survive and stand a chance of taking home the substantial $4.56 million prize.

Squid Game' Contestants Injured On Set
Squid Game’ Contestants Injured On Set

One of the Squid Game initiatives under development is the reality programme. In addition to a potential third season of the flagship show to follow Season 2 and broaden the universe, plans call for a satirical comedy about the conception of Squid Game and its exceptional popularity.

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