Twitter Refreshes Android App With Brand New X Logo Design!

Twitter’s Android app was upgraded today, replacing the iconic bird logo with the new X logo, the latest move in the company’s continuing rebranding efforts.

The company also updated its app listing on the Google Play Store with screenshots of the app with black backgrounds and the X logo to match the new branding. The social network has made every effort to ensure no Twitter branding is evident in these screenshots.

Twitter Refreshes Android App With Brand New X Logo Design!

“The X app is the trusted digital town square for everyone,” according to the app’s description. In the app description, the company also stated that users can submit and watch videos up to three hours long. However, according to the Twitter Blue support page, members can upload films up to two hours long.

Notably, the Twitter Lite app retains all of the Twitter branding. However, this is unsurprising, given that the app was last updated in May 2021.

The social media business updated its official name from @twitter to @x earlier this week, along with other related handles that dropped the “Twitter” designation. The original @x’s owner, Gene X Hwang of corporate photography and videography studio Orange Photography, told TechCrunch that the corporation just took over the handle without warning or compensation. The firm provided Hwang with a tour of X’s headquarters and X goods in a letter as a “reflection of our appreciation.”

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