NVIDIA’s all-purpose AI technology plays Minecraft and receives a conference honour

Playing Minecraft, NVIDIA’s generalist AI agent receives the Outstanding Datasets and Benchmarks Paper Award at the NeurIPS conference in 2022.

At the most recent NeurIPS conference, NVIDIA’s generalist AI agent took home a prize for playing Minecraft and, um, acting on written commands.


At the 2022 NeurIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) conference, the AI agent won the Outstanding Datasets and Benchmarks Paper Award. NVIDIA researchers trained the MineDojo framework to play Minecraft using a whopping 730,000 YouTube videos.

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Over 2.2 billion words were transcribed 7000 stacked pages from the Minecraft wiki, a whopping 360,000 Reddit posts, and 6.6 million comments on Reddit that explained Minecraft gameplay to the AI agent developed by NVIDIA researchers.

The information enabled NVIDIA researchers to develop a unique transformer model it calls MineCLIP, which makes use of video clips with particular in-game activities in the Minecraft video game.

This allows users to communicate with a MineDojo agent in Minecraft using sophisticated natural language. This includes instructions such as “find a desert pyramid” or “create a nether portal and enter it.” MineDogo will carry out the instructions in Minecraft in a series of steps after receiving those commands. really cool

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In June 2022, Linxi Fan of NVIDIA and Guanzhi Wang, Yunfan Jiang, Ajay Mandlekar, Yuncong Yang, Haoyi Zhu, Andrew Tang, De-An Huang, Yuke Zhu, and Anima Anandkumar of various academic institutions published the honorable paper “MINEDOJO: Building Open-Ended Embodied Agents with Internet-Scale Knowledge.”

According to NVIDIA: “While autonomous AI agents have been taught by researchers in video game environments like StarCraft, Dota, and Go for a long time, these agents typically specialize in a small number of activities.

In order to create a scalable training framework for a generalist agent—one that can effectively carry out a wide variety of open-ended tasks—NVIDIA researchers went to Minecraft, the most played game in the world “.

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