Oscars: Temporary Power Outage In Hollywood Threatens Awards Show Prep

No one can attribute this stunning change to a Will Smith slap! A minor power outage slightly hampered preparations for Sunday’s Oscar Awards in Hollywood on Saturday.

A block of the boulevard that houses the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars awards event was being rehearsed, lost power shortly after 1 p.m. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the building’s darkness was only momentary and rehearsals continued as usual.

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Insiders from the crew and the awards had to use the elevators early, and local store owners had to close early. The news comes after many days of persistent rain in the Los Angeles region, which is predicted to stop before the awards ceremony.

The media outlet’s writer Chris Gardener tweeted a video of people wandering alongside delayed elevators. He cited a source saying the scene inside Dolby was “chaotic” and that “It’s a good thing it wasn’t [Sunday].”

Power Outage In Hollywood Threatens Oscars Prep

The Academy is implementing measures to avoid “unprecedented”  Following Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock during the live broadcast last year, there were spectacles at the 95th Academy Awards this year. During the ceremony, a “crisis team”  will be prepared to step in should something unexpected happen

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