Paola Franchi: Why Did She Have To Face Another Tragedy?

Unadulterated ambition is the beginning of her story, and murder, retribution, and betrayal are the conclusions. Here are some details about Paola’s current situation that are essential to comprehend the relevance of her role in the story.

Who Is Paola Franchi?

Paola was pursuing an interior designer in 1995 when Maurizio Gucci was assassinated. They were first acquainted when they were young, and despite drifting apart as they got older, they reconnected in 1990 following the breakup of each of their marriages. They moved in together in a posh Milan apartment and began preparing for their weddings.

We fell in love right away, Paola reportedly remarked of her relationship with Maurizio, according to The Guardian. We are two halves of the same apple, Maurizio used to say to me. Sadly, they were never able to walk down the aisle as planned.

He was eventually assassinated by a hitman next to his office building. His ex-wife, Patrizia, and four others were charged with the crime. Paola lost the love of her life, but justice was served.

A few years later, in 2001, Paola and the 16-year-old son of Giorgio Colombo committed suicide. Paola suffered two terrible blows over ten years. In memory of her late son, she decided to launch L’amico Charly. In her autobiography L’amore Spezzato, she acknowledged that she has images of Maurizio and her son all over her house.

She wrote, “I prefer to have their faces around, to say hello.” The process of moving past the pain of what she’s endured sounds difficult. Because they weren’t married when Maurizio passed away, Paola didn’t get any of his riches. Despite the media’s portrayal of her as a chic gold digger, the relationship had always been about love rather than money.

Where Is Paola Franchi Now?

Before she met Maurizio, Paola had a prosperous career as a model and interior designer. She could relate to him more deeply before he died, thanks to her keen sense of fashion and design.

After losing him and her kid, she penned her autobiography, L’amore Spezzato, which translates to “broken love” in English. More people than ever are curious to read Paola’s book to learn more about all that happened with her late boyfriend since the publication of House of Gucci.

OtakuKart reports that she is no longer wed and hasn’t begun a new relationship since Maurizio’s passing. She might start a connection down the road, but for now, it’s evident that’s not her first focus. After being accused of exploiting Maurizio for his money, losing him in a murderous plot, and then losing her son to suicide, she has been through a lot.

What Happened To Paola Franchi?

Paola and Maurizio were not wed at the time of his death. She, therefore, had no claim to any of his wealth. Camile Cottin played Paola. The Italian interior designer Paola was dating the Killing Eve actress when Maurizio Gucci passed tragically. Paola said, “Ni Dera next time,” and her kid died.

Paola Franchi
Paola Franchi

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After Maurizio Gucci’s passing, Paola Franchi gradually moved on. But in 2001, she went through another tragedy when Charlie, her ex-husband Giorgio Colombo’s 16-year-old son, committed suicide.

To cope with the loss of her son, Franchi used L’Amico Charly, a foundation they founded in his honor. Charlie, according to Franchi, was usually a happy child. So it was unexpected when he committed suicide. We believe that was an instance of adolescent irrationality. The group collaborates with psychologists and experts to prevent suicide, especially among teenagers.

Who Is Paola Franchi Dating Now?

At the moment, the Italian interior designer is single. Paola Gucci and Maurizio Gucci were dating at the time of Maurizio Gucci’s murder in 1995. The two former friends reconnected in 1990 after their marriages failed. Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani moved into a luxurious apartment in Milan after their divorce was officially formalized in 1994, where they began planning their weddings.

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Why Did Paola Franchi Have To Face Yet Another Tragedy?

Paola Franchi gradually moved on after the death of Maurizio Gucci. But in 2001, she experienced yet another tragedy when Charly, the 16-year-old son of her ex-husband Giorgio Colombo, killed himself. Franchi was devastated by her son’s passing, and she turned to L’Amico Charly, a foundation they established in his memory, to aid her.

Franchi claimed that Charly was typically a cheerful child. His suicide was, therefore, surprising. We think it was a moment of youthful madness,” she said. The foundation works with experts and psychologists to stop suicide, particularly among teens.

Franchi uses images of Gucci and his son to decorate her home. “I prefer to have their faces around, to say hello,” she remarked. 2010 saw the release of her autobiography, “L’Amore Spezzato,” which translates to “broken love.” In the book, she talks about her friendship with Gucci, the suicide of her son, and how she dealt with her loss via her artwork.

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