Photoshopped Bill Clinton Kid From Elden Ring Speech at the Game Awards

A random child appeared on stage at the end of the 2022 Game Awards and said rubbish about “reformed Rabbi Bill Clinton.” The 2022 Game Awards are currently making an effort to seem as though nothing of the sort ever happened by deleting the child out of a photo commemorating FromSoftware’s second Game of the Year victory with Elden Ring.

The Game Accolades’ official social media account tweeted on Wednesday that “FromSoftware is the first studio to win 2 Game of the Year awards at The Game Awards.” The studio won for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 2019 and for Elden Ring earlier this month.

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It ends with “Congratulations FromSoftware.” A photo of director and studio head Hidetaka Miyazaki accepting the honor alongside a member of the staff who was translating his remarks that evening was attached.

But it didn’t take a keen eye to detect that the night’s Bill Clinton prankster, who had been standing behind both guys, had been carelessly Photoshopped out of the picture.

Twitch broadcaster GamesCage posted the comment, “LOSING MY MIND THAT THEY BLURRED THE KID LMFAO.” Next time, remove background materials using Photoshop’s “content aware fill” tool, said FromSoftware data miner Lance McDonald.

Elden Ring Speech
Elden Ring Speech

The young person who invaded the Game Awards that evening was ultimately identified as Matan Even, a high school student with a penchant for clout-seeking real-life antics who later rose to fame online. He earlier interrupted a BlizzCon session with a similar message and mocked an NBA fan cam wearing a freedom for Hong Kong t-shirt.

He has made two appearances on InfoWars to talk about Chinese censorship, although he has no clear political allegiance on social media, and he has since distanced himself from InfoWars presenter Owen Shroyer, whom he had previously referred to as his “favorite person” on the right-wing conspiracy network.

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Even’s stunt at The Game Awards seemed to have no greater purpose or significance, yet it briefly stole the show from the rest of the event. Although he later claimed that Even had been arrested, LAPD said he was just brought to a local police station before being released without any charges. Host Geoff Keighley laughed it off as security led the child off stage.

The hazy post seems to suggest that the intruder that night still makes Keighley’s Game Awards seem tarnished in some way. However, the image is apparently not damaged enough to warrant having someone with more Photoshop expertise fix it.

Zack Zwiezen, a Kotaku employee, finished the image’s correct editing in less than fifteen minutes. Or, as someone else said, The Game Awards could have just used one of the numerous other stills where the child is hidden.

A request for comment from The Game Awards did not receive a response right away.

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