Pokémon GO Ultra Beast Arrival event details (Latest News)

Today is a perfect day for Pokemon GO users to complete their Pokedex entries for Ultra Beasts and catch up on Legendary encounters. Despite the fact that many of the Ultra Beasts have been the focus of their own raids in recent events, today’s Ultra Beasts Arrival event is the perfect chance for trainers who missed out on prior raids or didn’t get lucky with their encounter prizes to finally catch up.

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One of the final events of the Season of Light, the Ultra Beast Arrival event is also one of the most significant. During this special 24-hour event, trainers are strongly encouraged to for

Pokémon GO Ultra
Pokémon GO Ultra

m large groups and head out to large Ultra Beast Battle Raids in Pokemon GO to increase their chances of capturing rare and powerful Ultra Beasts. Some unique incentives, such as bonuses and features, will also be implemented.

The Ultra Beast features and Timed Research assignments and rewards are available to Trainers from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. In order to complete the chain and obtain every encounter along the way, players will need to complete slightly more than one Battle Raid each hour on average. That’s a lot to cram into one day, but there are some highly tempting Battle Raid monsters coming out to keep gamers motivated to keep working hard.

Win a raid – Nihilego encounter

Win 2 raids – Xurkitree encounter

Win 3 raids – Pheromosa encounter

Win 4 raids – Buzzwole encounter

Win 5 raids – Guzzlord encounter

Win 6 raids – Kartana encounter

Win 7 raids – Celesteela encounter

Pokémon GO Ultra
Pokémon GO Ultra

“The mysterious life-forms known as Ultra Beasts have appeared in greater numbers than ever over the past few months—you may have even encountered them yourselves. But if you haven’t caught a glimpse yet, keep an eye out, because even more Ultra Beasts will be making their way here during Ultra Beast Arrival: Global! What do these mysterious creatures want? Where do they come from? What does their arrival mean? Could they be a danger to us? We don’t know for sure. We can only hope Pokémon Trainers around the world are ready for this new challenge.”

That should be all the players need to know to take on the Timed Research challenge and earn some very exciting rewards today to help usher in the end of the Season of Light. Before taking on the Ultra Beasts in the Battle Raid, players need study their strengths and weaknesses.

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That’s about all the background information the trainers will need for the day’s events. Please return in the near future for further Pokemon GO-related content, including news, updates, and guides. In the meantime, I wish all the trainers out there the best of luck!

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