Quavo And Offset Reportedly Got Into A Fight Backstage

Just before Quavo walked the stage to honor Takeoff at the Grammys, Quavo and Offset allegedly got into a brawl backstage; according to TMZ, offset appeared to learn about the allegations and commented on social media.

According to sources close to the production, the two rappers had to be hauled apart. Offset was reportedly approached to participate in the tribute by Grammy producers, but Quavo prevented that. According to additional sources, Offset did not initiate the altercation on Sunday.

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In the end, Quavo performed his song “Without You” on stage as part of the shows In Memoriam portion. The song, released last month, is about the late rapper who was shot to death on November 1 in Houston at the age of 28.

The rapper collaborated with Quavo on an album released before Takeoff passed away in November 2022. Long before it was known if the trio was taking a break, there were rumors that Migos had split up.

Quavo And Offset Reportedly Got Into A Fight Backstage
Quavo And Offset Reportedly Got Into A Fight Backstage

Quavo hinted that they weren’t looking to release any additional Migos songs in an interview for the record. On the other hand, Takeoff’s remark was more ambiguous and included the phrase, “Only time will tell, we always family now, that it ain’t gon’ change.”


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Offset has been focused on his solo career as of late and recently responded to J. Prince when he threw shade his way over things he heard about the relationship with his late bandmate. “How dare one of y’all n***as even speak on me and Take’s relationship?”¬†said Offset. “I don’t know you n***as from a can of paint, n***a. Y’all n***as don’t know how I and my brother rocked.”

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