Rachel Weisz Says That Being a Celebrity ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’

Rachel Weisz has discussed the ease of having a life away from the eyes of the public. The Oscar winner resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his husband, Daniel Craig, and their three children.

Despite being an A-list couple, neither party interacts with the media outside of promotional duties for their enterprises.

In a new interview, Weisz discussed her views about being a celebrity and how easy it is for her to keep her personal life secret.

“Celebrity – it really doesn’t mean anything to me,” she told The Guardian.

Rachel Weisz Says That Being a Celebrity

“And it’s no work at all to keep not showing up at events. It’s no work at all, to keep a private life. Life can be demanding, and life in a family can be complicated but I don’t even know what ‘celebrity’ means. I don’t think of myself like that.”

Weisz has a teenage son from her marriage to director Darren Aronofsky and a four-year-old daughter from her marriage to Craig.

Weisz, 53, was also questioned if she received any unfavorable reactions after having a kid at the age of 48 in the interview, which was released on Sunday (16 April).

The actor appeared to be oblivious to any criticism of her motherhood choices.

“Perhaps it’s just that we were very, very tired. Maybe I didn’t notice what was going on,” she said, adding: “You go into a bubble when you have a newborn, don’t you?”

In 2020, she said that being a mother at a later age was a more tiring experience than before. Weisz will soon appear as identical twins in Dead Ringers, a series based on David Cronenberg’s 1988 film.

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