What happened to GI Joe OMG? And what is the reason for his death?

The death of the rapper GI Joe OMG, who was 33 years old, was reported on September 20. Nipsey Hussle and J. Stone were two of the artists who worked frequently with the Crenshaw, Los Angeles, native. No official cause of death has been determined, but inquiries are being made.

Joe has served as an opening act for such notable artists as Snoop Dogg, The Game, YG, and Kendrick Lamar. Many in the hip-hop community were shocked by the news of his demise.

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GI Joe OMG Passed Away on Tuesday

Rebecca Kinchen, the rapper’s publicist, has confirmed his passing and said that the cause of death is still unknown. We have absolutely no notion what took place. She added, “He was discovered dead, and we are waiting for the coroner’s report to gather specifics.”


Rebecca has disproven online rumors that Joe was killed in a car crash or by gunfire. “If there is anything we want people to know about this man, it is that he was a fantastic, solid man who was the best father to his two children and ALWAYS put his family first,” she said.

Fans Pay Tribute to the Artist

Since the tragic news of Joe’s passing spread, mourners and admirers of the rapper have taken to the internet to express their sorrow and pay tribute to him. We will miss you. Wow, that Gi Joe is awesome. I appreciate you making music since it helped me relax. “Rest In Peace King,” one of his many fans prayed.

Incredulous by the number of “RIP GI JOE” tweets, one fan said, “I pray it ain’t true, bro is one of my favorite artists and a really cool man.” Disbelief at this turn of events

Damn R.I.P. GI Joe,” another fan wrote on Twitter. One of the undercuts on the All Money In team, for sure. OMG. Another added, “Rest Easy” and, “If y’all ain’t hip to GI Joe, you Oh my God…you fool. Before I heard the news, I had been listening to a completely different piece of music. RIP.”

GI Joe OMG Released a Number of Singles in his Career

The rapper was famous for his collaborations with Nipsey Hussle on the songs “No Pressure,” “They Know,” and “Hustle & Motivate.” Several of his songs, including “All I Know,” “Ride or Die,” and “One Way Out,” were published as separate singles. The House of Blues, the Conga Room, the Key Club, and Club Nokia were just a few of the legendary locations that hosted GI Joe OMG performances.


Joe stated in an interview that he hoped to motivate others who came from similar backgrounds to his own through his music. From my perspective, many urban musicians celebrate the wrong things. They glamourize drug use, incarceration, and other negative social outcomes, making them appear appealing when they are not. Not cool; it’s a setup.

GI Joe OMG leaves behind a wife and two kids, as well as six brothers and sisters. Our deepest sympathies go out to the rapper’s loved ones on their tragic loss. Read on for the latest information.

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