Resident Evil Season 2: Everything You Need to Know!

Resident Evil takes place in a big world. The series started as a Japanese video game in 1996. Players had to go to different places (the first game was set in a mansion) and fight zombies and other mutated creatures to stay alive. The game was a big hit with critics and had a big impact on the horror genre as a whole. It led to the creation of many other games, several spin-offs, remakes, a movie series starring Milla Jovovich, comic books, novels, and other products. It’s one of the most successful horror franchises ever, and now there’s a new one: Resident Evil on Netflix, which started on July 14.

The Netflix show jumps from the year 2022 to the “present day” in the year 2036. In both timelines, Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart play Jade, who is the daughter of Albert Wesker, an executive at the Umbrella Corporation who is known for being a bad guy in video games. Albert moves Jade and her half-twin sister Billie (played by Adeline Rudolph and Siena Agudong) to New Raccoon City in 2022 so that he can keep working on a supposed miracle drug, which turns out to be the T-virus, bioweapons. In the year 2036, the T virus has destroyed society.

People have been forced to live in cities with walls around them. Outside, zombies roam free. The Umbrella Corporation is the only company left on Earth, and its workers are looking for Jade. The show was supposed to have only eight episodes, and Netflix hasn’t said yet if there will be a Resident Evil Season 2. Andrew Dabb, who runs the show, already has plans for more. “Because we’re not married to the games, we have a lot of freedom. We’re not trying to make a line-for-line or game-for-game remake,” Dabb told Bloody Disgusting in July 2022.

He said that the games were a source of ideas and that there was a lot to use. “Season 1 is what I call Resident Evil 101. “There are zombies and monsters, but we’re not yet in the territory of Uroboros, plant monsters, or giant vampires,” he says. He adds, “But we’re going to get there.” “The plan is that as we go on, more things from the games, like creatures and some characters from the original games, will start to be added.”

The story of Resident Evil Season 2

Ahead are spoilers for Season 1. The end of Season 1 sets up several possible storylines for Season 2. Billie and Jade grew up to be sworn enemies, and by the year 2036, Billie is determined to get power. When she finds out that Bea, Jade and Arjun’s daughter, can control zombies in some way, she shoots Jade and takes Bea away. At the end of Season 1, Jade is holding her wound and it’s not clear if she will live or die.

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Billie has been infected with the virus, which has made her unstable, in the year 2022. In one of her fears, she bites and kills Simon, who is in love with Jade (Connor Gosatti). Even though Jade says she has forgiven her, it’s clear that she still doesn’t like her. On the other hand, Albert supposedly kills himself to kill the plant. He tells his clone, Bert, to watch out for his kids while he does this. In his last note to Jade, before he is (seemingly) killed by the bomb, he tells her to find an assassin in the games named “Ada Wong.”

“The plan has always been to spend Season 1 introducing you to some of these new characters so you can get to know them and understand where they’re coming from. You can learn about Resident Evil through their eyes since many of the people who watch the show don’t necessarily play the games. They may not have seen the movies at all. This could be their first time hearing about Resident Evil, especially if they are younger,” Dabb told Decider in July 2022. “Now that Season 2 is starting, let’s have some fun. And let’s start pulling more things and characters from the games and putting them into the story.”

The Cast of Resident Evil Season 2

The main cast is likely to come back. Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart will play Jade, and Adeline Rudolph and Siena Agudong will play Billie. And even though it looked like Albert Wesker died when the bomb that destroyed the facility in 2022 went off, he’s probably still alive because the older Billie from 2036 told Jade that he asked about her. So Lance Reddick will be around more.

Paola Nez, who plays Evelyn Marcus, Anthony Oseyemi, who plays Roth, and Ahad Raza Mir, who plays Arjun, are also likely to make cameos.


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Release Date of Resident Evil Season 2

After getting the go-ahead to start filming in 2019, the pandemic put the first season’s filming back by a few months. In July 2022, it finally came out. Most Netflix dramas take about a year to make, so if the show is renewed soon, the second season probably wouldn’t come out until July 2023 at the earliest.


Is Resident Evil infinite darkness over?

In July 2021, the first season of the anime was added to Netflix. Most Netflix shows wait a year before putting out a new season. But since there hasn’t been a renewal yet, we can’t promise that this will be the case for season 2 of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.”

where can you see Resident Evil?

You can now watch Resident Evil on Netflix. You can now watch Resident Evil on Netflix. Now, users can watch all eight episodes of the show’s first season. If you grew up in the 1990s, you probably know the Resident Evil movie series, which is based on the same-named video game series.

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