Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Release Date & All Updates!

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2: Over the past few years, rap shows have gained a huge number of viewers. A lot of new information, shows, movies, and releases came out about raps. If you don’t know what rap is, it’s a type of music that teaches how to sing.

Netflix, the biggest streaming service in the world, has added a rap show. Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole is the name of the French Rap show. Niska, Shay, and SCH, who are all big names in French rap, are excited to see who enters this show and discover new talent.

This new school will have a full learning curve, from writing music to making it. It will help a few lucky people and give them a chance to go after their dream jobs as rap artists.

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Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Release Date

With season 1 coming out on June 9, it’s a big question mark as to whether or not there will be a season 2 update. The cast and crew are much more excited about the movie coming out and watching how many people watch it.

But, to everyone’s disappointment, there won’t be a second season right now. But Netflix viewers are very excited about the June 9, 2022 release of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Story

The show, which will come out in June of this year, is about French people who want to try out a career in rapping. Niska Shay and SCh, two rappers from Paris, Brussels, and Marseille, are here to help and judge the few people trying to make it big in rapping.

This group of three people is looking for new rap artists in their home country and is ready to give them tough competition. It will be a race to the top where you will have to fight with your skills and cross each step to get there. This will also give them a wide range of skills, from freestyling to rapping to making their music videos and songs.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Cast

The show will be run and judged by three amazing groups of people: Niska from Paris, Shay from Brussels, and SCH from Marseille. Let’s get to know them each on their own.


Niska is a French rapper. Essonne native. Born on April 6, 1994, he’s signed to Barclay records. He has 5 albums and 21 songs of French hip hop. There are charting songs and featured artists.

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Belgian rapper Vanessa Lesnicki gained prominence after a 2011 collaboration with Booba. Her debut album was Jolie Grace. Her 2019 sophomore album Antidote combines rap, trap, hip-hop, R&B, and pop.


Vanessa Lesnicki, a Belgian rapper, gained prominence after a 2011 collaboration with Booba. Jolie Grace was born on August 16, 1990. She released her sophomore album Antidote in 2019 with rap, trap, hip-hop, R&B, and pop as her signature styles.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Trailer

On May 25, 2022, Netflix released the trailer for Rhythm and Flow Nouvelle Ecole. We have no indication, update, or information about Season 2’s release or trailer. If a season 2 trailer is released, it will be on Netflix’s official YouTube account.

Where to Watch Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2?

On June 9, 2022, Netflix will start to stream the next episodes of the show. Even though we haven’t heard anything about the second season, we’re sure that Netflix will be the streaming partner.

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