Watch The First 5 Minutes of Rupaul’s Drag Race’ Season Premiere

Sissy, get to walking!

Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race will begin in just a few days, and a sneak peek video of the first five minutes of the episode has already been posted. Fans can view the entrances of the queens Marcia Marcia Marcia (New York, NY), Luxx Noir London (East Orange, NJ), Irene Dubois (Seattle, WA), and Aura Mayari (Nashville, TN).

Rupaul's Drag Race' Season Premiere
Rupaul’s Drag Race’ Season Premiere

Additionally, the film shows how these four queens get to know one another and interact in the workroom. In addition, their post-drag confessional appearances have been made public, and, suffice it to say, we already have a few competitors for “trade of the season”!

The opening five minutes of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 are available below.

Along with the four queens featured in the teaser, season 15 of Drag Race will also feature the following queens: Amethyst (West Hartford, CT), Anetra (Las Vegas, NV), Jax (Queens, NY), Loosey LaDuca (Ansonia, CT), Malaysia Babydoll Foxx (Miami, FL), Mistress Isabelle Brooks (Houston, TX), Princess Poppy (San Francisco, CA) (Los Angeles, CA).

The queen who wins season 15 of America’s Next Drag Superstar will take home a massive $200,000 grand prize, the most extraordinary cash award in the show’s history for a regular season. The show officially moves from VH1 to MTV with this record-breaking grand prize, reaching an even wider audience.

Let’s start this race now!

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