Sam Smith Walks BRIT Awards Red Carpet in Indescribable Leather Jumpsuit

The “Unholy” singer was recently spotted on the red carpet at the 2023 BRIT Awards, and while his attire is undoubtedly noteworthy, we’re not exactly sure how to characterize it.

Smith is up for Song of the Year and Best Pop/R&B Act, but now everyone is talking about their black inflate-a-suit.

A zipper runs up the front of the body of the slick black leather jumpsuit Smith wore, stopping somewhere about the belly button.

Before each leg swells into something resembling a half-heart hybrid and a kidney bean and balloons out to each side, there appears to be a thick black belt-like panel underneath.

Is there air inside the pocket? With packing peanuts inside? Molded by a large frame? No one knows!

Black platform heels finish off the leg look, while shiny black leather gloves finish off the arms and shoulders, with a similar but noticeably scaled-down huge shoulder pad aspect.

On one side, they wore a pair of pearl drop earrings and a stud on the other.

The unexpected outfit choice has generated a lot of interest among viewers.

One person wrote, “Something about this is giving mojo Jojo,” referring to one of the numerous villains in Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls, under a picture of the fit on MTV’s Instagram. Another person believed Smith looked more like a Despicable Me villain.


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“Me in the cinema trying to sneak in snacks,” another joked.

“This is the unholy thing they were talking abt,” commented a third.

“You know when you’re in the swimming pool and hold water in your shorts. Looks like that,” someone on Twitter thought.

“When you order Batman off wish,” joked another.

The protrusions do appear to be inflated with air in the footage posted on Twitter by the award show’s official account, based on how they move when Smith walks.

People at home have many questions, including how the performer got to the venue first and how they intend to sit in their seats once inside the venue.

“Sam smith’s going to look even more ridiculous when [they’re] stood there deflating for 20 minutes before [they] can sit in [they’re] seat,” one Tweet read.

Someone else remarked that the clothing looked better on a black balloon animal, and another person questioned whether Smith or an inflatable black swan pool wore it more effectively.

We’re all for outlandish fashion choices, but this one is confusing.

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