Scottie Pippen Ex-Wife: Larsa Pippen Remembers When She Realized Her Feelings For Michael Jordan’s Son

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan’s (one-sided) feud was one of the most unexpected sports-related developments in recent years.

However, not many people could have predicted the unexpected turn of events. Larsa Pippen, Scottie’s ex-wife, was later romantically linked to Jordan’s son, Marcus.

While their romance was initially only a rumor, the two have since made their relationship public. So Larsa had no qualms about discussing when she realized she had feelings for Marcus.

Scottie Pippen Ex-Wife

Many people will recall the exact moment they fell in love with that special someone in their lives. It could happen during a memorable vacation for some or during a simple night at home for others.

Larsa Pippen explained that her moment with Marcus Jordan happened during one of their date nights. And interestingly, it involved yet another woman.

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