How Much Weight Has Sheryl Underwood Lose?

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss: In a recent interview with People, co-host of “The Talk,” Sheryl Underwood talked about how she lost 95 pounds. On the most recent episode of her show, she spoke about how she had changed while celebrating her 59th birthday. The host was seen wearing a bright purple dress.

She told the magazine that she tried on 10 different outfits before finding one that gave her the “Dorothy Effect.” She said she wanted a dress that showed how hard she had worked to lose weight. Underwood also said that she wanted to show the world and the audience that they could do it too, and she went on:

“Pick a dress, pick a suit, that is your goal, and work toward that goal.”

Underwood said that crossing her legs in the dress was a very emotional part of her journey to lose weight. She said that she and her friends and co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Natalie Morales did the same thing to lose weight.

Sheryl Underwood also said that she now wants to be admired for how hard she worked to get the body she wanted. She said that since she has worked so hard on her body, she wants to walk into church and have all the saints say, “Oh, she looks good!

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She also said she wants everyone to look at her when she walks into a club or restaurant. The winner of a Daytime Emmy Award said that she is happy with how she looks now because “when you look good, you feel good.”

The co-host of “The Talk” told PEOPLE that she is always aware of staying hydrated and that she enjoys her favorite things in small amounts. “I’m still living a perfect life. I have fun. Cake, rosé. But instead of eating a whole piece of cake, I take a bite, and that’s enough.

I have a rosé, but I know I have to drink some water with it,” she said, adding, “So I can tell when my face puffs up and everything, and it’s not just vanity for the camera, it’s health, period.”

Sheryl Underwood said she has “worked hard,” and it shows! Getting to a weight loss goal is only half the battle. How did she change her look on the show? She told him, “I wanted a dress that showed how hard I had worked and told the audience and the rest of the world, “You can do it too.” Pick a dress or a suit. That’s your goal, and you should work toward it.”

And she’s not entirely done yet. Underwood wants to lose another 15 to 20 pounds before the end of the year. “You can see that I crossed my legs twice,” she said. “You want to feel seductive… And that’s a great way to feel, and it makes you want to keep going on this journey.”

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