Shoresy Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot (All Updates)!

Shoresy Season 2: Shoresy is a Canadian sitcom that aired on the Canadian channel Crave. The show is a follow-up to Letterkenny, which has been on for a long time in Canada. Both shows are interesting in that they have the same director, writer, and main character.

In the show, Shoresy leaves Letterkenny and joins a hockey team in a nearby town. In the series, you will see Shoresy play different hockey games and learn about his life. This series will be all about Shoresy, a small character in Letterkenny, and his life. In this series, people also saw Shoresy’s face for the first time.

Now that the mini-TV series with six episodes has become popular, its fans want more seasons like Letterkenny. Based on how long Letterkenny ran, it is likely that Shoresy will also have more than one season.

People want more than just 6 episodes of shows like Shoresy because it gave them their first look at one of their favorite characters from Letterkenny. But I don’t know if the people who make the show have plans for a second season or not. Here is everything you need to know about Shoresy’s second season.

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Shoresy Season 2 Release Date

Shoresy’s first season aired on Crave from May 13 to May 27. There were six episodes. On Crave, two episodes used to come out on the same day. The show was also made available on Hulu on May 27, 2022.

People liked all six episodes, but those who wanted to know more about Shoresy’s character in the different seasons of Letterkenny liked them the most.

Shoresy’s creators haven’t said anything official about a second season. But both Letterkenny and Shoresy were written, directed, and starred by the same people. Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom that has been on for a long time.

So, people expect Shoresy to have at least a few more seasons. Shoresy season 2 news can be found on Hulu’s official page, Jared Keeso’s blog, and Jacob Tierney’s blog.

Shoresy Season 2 Story

The Canadian sitcom Shoresy tells you more about one of Letterkenny’s less well-known characters. Shoresy, who was played by Jacob Keeso, whose face wasn’t even seen in Letterkenny, was the main character in this show. He moves to Ontario’s Sudbury.

There, he joins the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization and decides he will never lose another game. Shoresy has been seen playing in different hockey games with his new team. And people are happy to see one of their favorite characters.

We can’t guess what will happen in Shoresy season 2 because there has been no news about it. But if Season 2 happens. The people who made the movie might show more about Shoresy’s life and how he became a hockey star.

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Shoresy Season 2 Cast

The first season of Shoresy only had six episodes, but the characters and cast were very big. This is because the show had a lot of guest stars and people who came back again and again. So, season 2 should also have a big cast. But in Shoresy season 2, a few characters could be added and a few could be taken away.

In the first season of Shoresy, Jacob Keeso played the main character, Shoresy. Notably, Keeso also made and wrote Shoresy and a few other things. Nat, played by Tasya Teles, and Sanguinet, played by Harlan Blayne Kytwayht, were the next two main characters.

Keilani Rose plays Miigwan, Blair Lamora plays Ziigwan, Terry Ryan plays Ted Hitchcock, Jonathan Diaby plays Dolo, and Ryan McDonell plays Michaels.

Shoresy season 1’s main characters were played by Camille Sullivan as Laura Mohr, Keegan Long as Liam, Scott Thompson as Shoresy’s foster father, Jonathan Torrens as Remy Nadeau, and Jacob Tierney as Benny, Eliana Jones as Mercedes, and others as Remy Nadeau, Benny, and Mercedes. Jay Onrait and Laurance Leboeuf also played themselves on the show, which was interesting.

Shoresy Season 2
Shoresy Season 2

Where to Watch Shoresy Season 2?

The first six episodes of Season 1 of Shiresy were first shown on Crave. In the end, the show was also put on Hulu. Now, Canadians can watch Shoresy on Crave, and people all over the world can watch the same show on Hulu.

Based on how well the first season did on these services, the second season of Shoresy will be available on Crave and Hulu. But there is no confirmation that Shoresy season 2 will be made, released, or streamed. If there are any official updates about Shoresy season 2, we will post them on our site.

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