Starfield interview with ex-Bethesda developer

While it may be a while until Starfield is released, early indications are that it will be an ambitious title. It’s no secret that Xbox head Phil Spencer wants Starfield to be Bethesda’s “most-played” game ever, and it looks like a lot of people are striving to make that dream a reality.

The Starfield team is apparently comprised of a huge number of developers

Speaking to PCGamesN, Purkeypile explained, “The breadth of that project is the primary thing that’s different.” Previously, the development of Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 had been handled by a single studio. I’d say there were around 200 people working on Fallout 76, whereas around 500 working on Starfield.

Starfield interview
Starfield interview

Starfield gameplay was revealed during the Xbox & Bethesda events, and it was the last time we got a good look at the game. Starfield and Redfall are now on our massive list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2022 and beyond, so we will be watching for any updates on either title.

How do you feel about the breadth of Starfield based on what we know thus far? To what extent do you anticipate the game to be ambitious? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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