Succession Season 4: All We Know So Far!

There will be the fourth season of Succession, and Waystar Royco shareholders can be assured. After what transpired in Season 3 of Succession, we can’t wait to watch how the Roy siblings deal with their current predicament. There will, of course, be spoilers for the season 3 conclusion of Succession below!

During the third season of Succession, rumors of a fourth season began to circulate. The fourth season of the Roy family drama was revealed by HBO on October 26, between episodes 2 and 3. “The season three premiere of [Succession] drew more than 1.4 million viewers across all platforms, making it the biggest premiere night of any HBO original series since the introduction of HBO Max,” WarnerMedia stated in a press release.

Succession season 4 has officially begun production and is currently being filmed, according to a new report. Several cast members have also been confirmed to return, as well as a few plot tidbits.

Succession season 4 Release Date: Is It Coming Soon?

Now that Season 4 of Succession has begun filming, we may speculate about when the show will air on HBO and HBO X. Since the Covid-19-related delays that plagued season 3’s start in the fall of 2020 and its October 17 premiere date on October 17, 2021, are not to be seen as a precedent, let’s take a look at season 2’s timetable.

When the second season was officially announced(opens in new tab) on June 11 of last year, there were early rumors that filming would begin in March of this year (opens in new tab). Then, on August 11, 2019, it premiered. Considering that filming on Season 4 of Succession began in June of this year, a release in December or January of 2023 seems highly likely. It’s a given that HBO and HBO Max will air it (one of our picks for the best streaming services).

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Succession season 4 Cast: Who Will Come Back?

All of the key cast members from Season 3 of Succession have been confirmed to return for Season 4. There is no doubt in my mind that Brian Cox will return as Logan Roy, along with his four children Jeremy Strong (as Logan’s brother Kendall Roy), Sarah Snook (as Shiv Roy), and Roman Culkin (Alan Ruck).

Gerri Kellman, Matthew Macfadyen, Gregory Hirsch, Nicholas Braun, and Matthew Macfadyen, J. Smith-Cameron, have all been confirmed to appear in season 4. Alan Peter Friedman, David Rasche, Fisher Stevens, and Justine Lupe will join the cast as well as the other expected stars. Even if the acquisition/merger goes through, we expect to see Alexander Skarsgard back in the role of GoJo owner/tech billionaire Lukas Mattson. His involvement hasn’t been confirmed yet, however.


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Succession season 4 Plot summary: What to Expect?

Succession’s upcoming season’s logline has been revealed by HBO: When tech visionary Lukas Matsson purchases media company Waystar Royco, the deal will be finalized soon.” Existential anxiety and familial discord have been caused by the prospect of this seismic sale, which the Roys have been anticipating for some time now. There is a struggle for control as the family considers a future in which their cultural and political influence will be greatly reduced.

Logan and Caroline Collingwood are working behind the siblings’ backs to keep them out of the decision-making process, as we witnessed in the finale. And it appears that Tom, the ever-sneaky snitch, was the one who leaked the information to the parents. We don’t know how long Gerri will serve as interim CEO of Waystar Royco. With Shiv, Roman, and Ken now fighting Logan, the season 4 plot of Succession will likely be similar to season 3’s. Lukas Mattson’s power will be interesting to see in light of the GoJo merger/acquisition.

Succession Season 4: It’s About the Show’s Future

Season 4 of Succession will not be the show’s final season, in our opinion. Our fears were allayed by interviews with cast and crew members, notwithstanding HBO’s announcement that the show would be renewed for a second season. According to series star Brian Cox (who plays Logan Roy), “maybe two more seasons, and then I guess we’ll be done” with the show.

An executive producer on the program has stated that she does not expect Succession to last for more than five seasons, according to The Times(opens in new tab). Stated she believes that “at this point [Jesse Armstrong] is talking only one more,” she said, “I think the maximum would be five seasons but possibly more like four.” Since its beginning, creator Armstrong has stated that he wishes the show would wrap up. To quote him, “That story can’t go on too long.

There will be a very clear point when that story is over” (opens in new tab). Armstrong is expected to use the same line at the 2022 BAFTA TV awards ceremony as he did in 2017. Asked about the future of the show, he said, “I won’t answer that one directly. It shouldn’t carry on indefinitely. “However, we’re still having a good time.” As a result, the fifth season of Succession looks likely after season 4, giving Logan plenty of time to name a successor to his enormous media empire.

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