Connect IPS Login: How Does Connect IPS Work?

ConnectIPS has become one of Nepal’s most popular e-payment systems among bank users for easy fund transfers and payments of various bills/services via mobile app or Internet banking. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for setting up a connections account and connecting it to your bank account.

What is ConnectIPS?

connectIPS is an e-Payment system that uses various channels such as mobile apps, the Internet, and so on to allow you to make payments straight from your bank account.

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and employs direct transactions from/to bank accounts, making it incredibly quick for both sender and receiver.

It is highly dependable because it operates under the supervision of the Nepal Rastra Bank. connectIPS allows you to link one or more bank accounts and then utilize one to make payments.

How is Connect IPS Different than Other Payment Gateways?

Other well-known e-payment gateways, such as Esewa and Khalti, are doing well in the market. There are similarities in top-ups, travel booking, bank deposits, and other similar features.

Connect IPS Login: How Does Connect IPS Work?

Connect IPS, on the other hand, are not like them. You are not required to load funds here. You can make a direct payment after connecting your bank account. There is no need to load funds.

What keeps Connect IPS at bay is that it is a distinct aspect of government revenue payment, whether for the Inland Revenue Department, Lok Sewa, or another. Connect IPS has this unique capability for the stock market thanks to the involvement of brokers.

Stockbroker payments are simple with Connect IPS, making it an ideal tool for anyone involved in the capital market. These capital market participants can also use Connect IPS to pay MeroShare fees, DEMAT fees, or Bonus Tax.

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How to Link Bank Account Through ConnectIPS?

The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has previously announced the complete installation of connections via NCHL connection. The online trading platform now supports two-way electronic payments. You no longer need to go to the broker’s office to make or receive compensation for your share transaction.

You must first link your bank account to the Connect IPS electronic payment services. You must follow these procedures to accomplish this:-

         1. Create a connectIPS login password

To download this form, you must first log in to connections. Create a user at Register by giving the required information such as your name, email address, and address. You can access connections after creating a username and password and verifying your email address.

         2. Link your bank account

After logging onto your connectips dashboard, link your bank account by selecting the Bank account tab on the left side, as seen in the figure below. Click the bank account, then the sub-menu Link account. Provide the relevant information, such as your bank’s name, branch, account number, and account name. Then, for approval, click Send.

         3. Download Connect Ips form

You can download and print your form when you click Send for Approval. To download and print the form, click the Download form button on the right side. Take this form to the appropriate bank and submit your application to connectIPS to link your bank account. To submit your application, you must bring your identity verification certificate.

         4. Visit your broker

After you’ve linked your bank account to connectIPS, go to your broker to learn more about online payments via connectIPS. Click Here to see a list of brokers in Nepal.

Online trading is simple and quick. However, before conducting a transaction using an internet platform, you need understand how it works. So, first and foremost, understand about online trade and payment systems to avoid getting yourself into a sticky scenario.

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