CrossOver 22.0 Gets a New User Interface and the First DirectX 12 Support on Linux

Crossover 22.0 Gets a Ui Makeover and Adds Initial Directx 12 Support on Linux

Do you want to use Linux or Mac OS to run Microsoft Windows software?

CrossOver is a well-liked paid tool for the job (affiliate link).

Although it is not a FOSS product, it uses open-source components to function. Additionally, you get to assist the advancement of the WINE and Proton projects with each license you buy.

As a reminder, GTA V’s most recent important point release improved Linux support:

Now, it appears that CrossOver 22.0 will provide a new home screen, improved installation procedure, initial support for DirectX 12 games on Linux, as well as a few other improvements.

🆕 Crossover 22.0: Key Changes

CrossOver 22.0 introduces a UI revamp that offers it a cleaner appearance and makes it simpler to use.

You can anticipate the following adjustments along with the design refresh:

  • Extensive changes to the installation process.
  • Revamped bottle view.
  • A brand new “Home” view.

🎨 User Interface Redesign

Some things have been removed or added to enhance the user experience.

For instance, the control panels are located at the bottom of the sidebar.

The sidebar will also prioritize accessibility by showing the most commonly used choices first, as seen in the bottle view (screenshot above).


Not to mention, there is now a new home view. You should be able to quickly see all of the installed programs and launchers using this.

🛠️ Technical Improvements

The installation procedure has seen a number of modifications with Crossover 22.0.

The wizard installation format is no longer used. And, unless you wish to customize things yourself, use defaults as much as possible to make the process simple.

Additionally, CrossOver 22.0 introduces the first DirectX 12 game support for Linux. One of the games that do well is Diablo II Resurrected.

If you’re up for an adventure, you can explore alternative possibilities.

More significant modifications include:

  • macOS Ventura beta support (experimental).
  • Performance improvements on macOS using wined3d.
  • Wine 7.7 update.

You can read the blog post or the announcement page to learn more about the changes.

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