Disney Plus Error Code 73: How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73?

A region-based problem, or trying to access the service from an area where it is not available, is indicated by the Disney Plus error code 73.

This error code appears when the Disney Plus servers learn you are in an unsupported location from your internet service provider (ISP) or phone’s location services.

The problem often occurs when you are physically located in an unsupported country or when you are utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) inside of a supported country where Disney is not supported.

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 73?

When you attempt to use the streaming service from a geo-restricted area, Disney Plus Error Code 73 appears. Your IP address and location are verified by the official Disney+ website, and if there is any disagreement, Error Code 73 is generated.

In some circumstances, you could still experience this problem even after connecting to a VPN. If you are using an unreliable VPN provider, this may occur. Disney Plus users who use unreliable or free VPNs run the risk of having their IP addresses revealed, which will cause Error Code 73 to appear outside of the USA.

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How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73?

Follow these instructions, in order, to fix error code 73:

1. Turn off your VPN

Disney+ frequently displays error number 73 when utilizing a VPN connection because it looks for these connections to prevent access to region-locked content.

Whenever you try to stream a video or a movie and an error is found, the error screen will come up. The simplest way to remedy this problem, if you’re located in a country where Disney+ is available, is to momentarily turn off your VPN. You should be able to watch material on the website after this without experiencing any issues.

2. Turn on location services

It might be essential to enable your location services when watching Disney Plus material on a smartphone in order to supply the necessary information for verification. There are two ways to go about doing this, depending on the specifics of your mobile device.

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Enable location services on iPhone

  1. Tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Scroll down and open the Privacy tab.
  3. Tap on Location Services.
  4. Tap on the Location Services toggle until it turns on/green. After completing this, you should be able to access your Disney+ content.

Enable location services on Android

  1. Tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Tap on Security & privacy, then tap Location access.
  3. Make sure that the Access my location toggle is set to On.
  4. After completing this, you should be able to access your Disney+ content on your Android phone.

4. Reset your Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes the trick to getting Disney+ working is simply reconnecting your network connection.

  • Open your connections using the menu in your taskbar, found in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on your active connection and choose the Disconnect option.
  • Wait for 30-60 seconds before reconnecting to your internet connection. After this, try and test if you’re able to watch Disney+ content.

5. Temporarily disable your antivirus

Antivirus software can impede the performance of apps and services and disrupt internet connections on computers. By temporarily turning off your antivirus program, you can determine if it is the source of the Disney+ error code 73.

It’s important to remember that this approach is not advised because using your computer unprotected puts your security at risk. Only proceed with caution if you are aware of the risks and have a backup of your system available to repair any possible damage.

Resolving Disney Plus Error Code 73

Follow these steps to easily fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 outside the USA:

  • Verify the availability of Disney Plus in your region.
  • Find a reliable VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions.
  • Attempt to reconnect your VPN connection.
  • Ensure that your IP address is not displaying an incorrect location.
  • Enable location services on your streaming devices.
  • Check your internet connectivity and speed.
  • Consider changing your DNS server settings.
  • Try switching to a different internet connection.
  • Re-enter your Disney Plus login credentials.
  • Temporarily disable any anti-virus or firewall software that might be interfering with the streaming service.

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