Gain Complimentary Twitter Blue Verification on Accounts with Over 5 Million Views

Elon Musk, the owner and former CEO of ‘X’ (previously known as Twitter), said on Friday that X Premium (AKA Twitter Blue) will henceforth be free for accounts with more than 5 million views. However, he stressed that only views from confirmed accounts count, because otherwise, scammers will use bots to spam views indefinitely.

Elon Musk responded by adding to X support’s latest update, which stated that more users can now be paid to post on the social networking platform.

Within the last three months, X support has reduced the eligibility requirement for ad revenue sharing from 15M to 5M impressions. They’ve also reduced the minimum payout from $50 to $10.

Gain Complimentary Twitter Blue Verification on Accounts with Over 5 Million Views

To earn money on X, subscribers have to:

  • Subscribe to either X Premium or Verification for Organisations.
  • Garner a minimum of 5 million post impressions in the last three months.
  • Maintain a follower count of at least 500 in X.

The new development follows an August update in which the support team announced that the amount of people joining up for ad revenue sharing had exceeded their expectations and that they were examining everything for the next distribution to pay all eligible accounts as quickly as possible.

Elon Musk’s X Platform

Elon Musk’s platform, which he acquired and rebranded from Twitter in October 2022, is new social media network. Musk has stated that will be “everything app,” one-stop shop for texting, entertainment, and banking. He’s also mentioned introducing features like live streaming, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency payments.

Although is still in its early phases, Musk has significantly improved the platform. He modified the logo by removing the famous blue bird and made numerous other changes to the social networking platform.

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