Google Play Store is finally getting a tablet interface

Google has begun launching first-party apps with large-screen optimized user interfaces ever since I/O 2022. The most recent Gboard beta is now releasing an Android tablet layout, which is long overdue and works well immediately.

With the release of Gboard 12.3 for Android, the interface no longer seems like a stretched-out phone keyboard. Gboard’s default heightening begins with the background and keys, which are now simpler to tap because they resemble squares rather than rectangles and are taller by default. However, the touch targets become more restricted in portrait mode.

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

You now have Tab and Caps Lock keys on the left in the first two rows. The pill labeled Enter (or Search) is now prominently displayed on the right, and the bottom-right corner is To the left of the Space bar is an emoji.

Gboard’s new Android tablet UI

Additionally, Google changed the recommendations strip’s appearance to add a new shortcut, and the microphone button is no longer right-aligned.

After years of a phone-first UI, Gboard’s new tablet layout is significantly better geared for large screens. It is presently only available through the beta channel, but in the upcoming weeks, it should become more widely available. This comes after recent updates to Google’s keyboard app for foldable devices and development on the Pixel Tablet.

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