how to cancel youtube tv on Any device Easily ?

Tired of streaming television? Here is how to cancel YouTube TV on any device

With the introduction of YouTube TV in 2017, Google entered the competitive streaming video market. The streaming service offered by the internet media behemoth made it easy to watch television away from home. However, the cost of a subscription has skyrocketed in the five years since its debut. In 2018, users were charged $5 more for the same $35 monthly subscription. In 2022, when inflation rates are at their highest ever, that sum may seem extremely high.

Following this procedure, your YouTube TV subscription will be terminated. Keep in mind that even after you cancel, your subscription will remain valid until the conclusion of the current billing cycle. If you discontinue a free trial, you will instantly stop having access to the service.


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How to cancel YouTube TV on a computer

1. Get started with YouTube TV by visiting

2. To edit your profile, select your image from the top right.

3. Choose “Settings” from the pull-down menu, then “Membership.”

4. To take charge, select “Manage.”

5. Just hit the “Cancel” button.

How to cancel YouTube TV on an Android device

1. Launch the YouTube TV app.

2. Click the picture of yourself in the top right corner to edit your profile.

3. Go to “Membership” under “Settings.”

4. Go to “Manage,” then “Cancel Membership.”

5. Select “Cancel” to permanently end the session.

6. You can pause your YouTube subscription at any time from the “manage membership” menu.

How to cancel YouTube TV on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad)

With the iOS app for YouTube TV, you can’t terminate your subscription. Therefore, it is recommended that you terminate your membership using your mobile device’s or computer’s web browser, as YouTube is owned by Google.

1. Use your mobile web browser to access “” and sign in.

2. Use your mobile web browser to access “” and sign in.

3. Select “Membership” from the “Settings” menu.

4. Pick “Pause or Cancel Membership”

5. Click the link that says “Cancel membership.”

6. Select “Cancel” from the menu.

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